December Recap

Here is a quick recap of our month:

  • While Micah furiously studied for finals, the boys and I spent a week of our lives participating in our church's Living Christmas Tree.
  • Micah finished his first semester of med school and with excellent grades as well!
  • We took a trip to see the lights at Rhema which has become a December tradition in our family.
  • We had a great visit to my parents' house in Illinois where we were disappointed to have our flights to New York cancelled, but enjoyed extra time with family.  The boys were able to go sledding and play in the snow and had a blast playing with their cousins, grandparents, and aunt and uncles.
  • We enjoyed going to the Christmas Eve service at my parents' church and doing some service ourselves on Christmas Day.  I loved seeing the joy and wonder of the season through the eyes of the boys.
  • We have safely packed away our holiday decorations until next year and are looking forward to spending some time with good friends before Micah has to go back into non-social/study mode.
  • Some highlights of the boys:
    • Xavier has started singing ALL the time while he is praying, but whatever tune he is singing, it is always with "ner, ner, ner, nah ner"  Just think 'Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells', but say, "ner, ner, ner--ner, ner, ner"--it is great!
    • We have definitely been hearing more of the boys imitating everything that they hear and so have really had to work on their tone of voice when addressing adults.  They are learning though and I can see progress.
    • William got a Bumblebee mask and costume for Christmas and he LOVES to wear it everywhere, and he would love it if we wore costumes all the time too.  I love to see him sitting and reading a book while wearing a Bumblebee mask.  Must get picture soon!
    • They are using more and more time references, but I still think that they have no concept of the words that they are using.  For example, Xavier told me this morning that he had already gone to the bathroom 4 weeks ago!!
    • Also, William has picked up on a song from Elmo's Potty Time called Accidents Happen (yes, it is referring to what you are envisioning) and so anytime something happens, he says, "ax-kidents happen, mommy, and that's okay".
    • And we also hear "that sounds like a good plan" several times a day, along with "sure"  pronounced "shore" which is pretty cute, if I do say so myself.
Hope your December was as blessed as ours!  Happy end of 2009 and Happy New Year!


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