Exhausted from grief

Something that I have been ruminating on for the last several days is that phrase 'exhausted from grief' that is found in Luke 22:45. It is in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus has left His disciples asking them to watch and pray with Him, and yet three times he went back to His disciples to find them sleeping and in verse 45 it says, He 'returned to His disciples, only to find them asleep, exhausted from grief.'  As I have written before, I am reading the Chronological One Year Bible and so as I have gone through the Gospels, I am getting the perspectives and stories from that part of the Bible in quadruplicate which tends to reinforce different things.  This particular retelling of the event from Jesus' last days was the third time that I had read it that morning and that phrase just kind of stuck out to me, so then, I had to go and find it in another translation to see how it was translated. In the NASB, it says 'exhausted from sorrow.'  So, I just began to think about how exhausting grief and sorrow can be, and I began to wonder in what areas have I metaphorically 'fallen asleep' rather than persevering in prayer because I was sorrowful.  There have been some recent events in the lives of friends that have caused me to grieve for them and my heart has just ached over it, but as I read this passage, I thought of them and other situations that have caused me grief and wondered if sometimes I have quit praying for something/someone because it is just too painful for me to think about it and because it is painful, it is exhausting and so I 'fall asleep' so to speak.

Disclaimer:  Now, I know that I am not a great Biblical scholar, but these are simply some of my thoughts as I try to understand and apply God's Word to my life.  Obviously, you can take my thoughts or leave them, but I would be curious what others think.  And above all, I don't want to be found sleeping when I should be praying.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the post Becky! I have also been struggling with sorrow and heart break over some situations and sometimes it is easier to NOT pray because it makes the grief not feel as real. I tend to forget or not trust that God is stronger and more powerful than any situation and there is still hope when it feels hopeless. Thanks for the challenge.

Kimberly Riggs
I know exactly what you are saying. I have found that sometimes prayer cuts deep into my heart and I let myself back off to "feel better".

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