He made it

...well, almost, in about 5 1/2 hours from now or earlier, Micah will have completed his first semester of medical school.  It has been a ride, let me tell you....well, I guess I don't have to because you have lived much of it with me through the ol' blog.  Thank you to so many who prayed him into school and who have continued to pray for him throughout the semester. I know that the journey is far from over, but it is nice to have a portion of it completed.  The boys and I are looking forward to seeing more of him for the next several weeks and recovering from the last two where we rarely saw him.  It has been especially difficult on the boys.  They haven't really seen him since Sunday night because he has left before they wake up and doesn't get home until long after they are asleep.  He always goes into their room and hugs and kisses them, but they don't remember that, of course.  Their behavior is definitely showing the fact that they are missing him--yesterday was not a good mommy day.  They were just especially defiant and disobedient and while I know that they are simply struggling with missing their daddy, I also know that I can't allow them to misbehave just because they are having a bad day.  I also had to confess this morning that I was being a bit defiant myself yesterday and even while I was disciplining them, I knew that I was not reacting as a gracious and godly mother and yet I did it anyway because I was angry and frustrated.  And I was gently reminded this morning in my quiet time that just because I am tired and feeling Micah's absence, it doesn't give me the right or the excuse to act in a way that is not honoring to God.  And how am I ever going to teach them if I can't model it for them?  Being a parent is hard sometimes...all the time.

Speaking of parenting, I read two really good blog posts this morning about that very thing:  here and here.  The first is a post by Janet a scrapbooker/home schooling mom/overseas worker and the second is by John Piper (it is linked in her post too!).  They both provided good things to think about in terms of parenting and teaching your kids about God and how to love Him.

This morning, I am finishing cleaning my house--I only have the floors left (insert woohoo here) and then a friend from church is coming over mid morning for coffee, coffee cake, and good conversation.  Well, that is the plan anyway. I am hoping that the boys will have turned a corner from yesterday and play well so that we can visit.

Some quote worthy moments from the boys:

  • Xavier has been going around saying, "this is the best Christmas ever!"  I don't think he has quite realized that it isn't Christmas yet, but it cracks me up every time, and is usually followed by "mommy, I love you."
  • They both say often, "that sound like a plan?" or "that's a good plan."  Which I have realized that I say, so go figure.
  • After they go to bed at night, it is almost like you hear them in there planning what the story is going to be so that they can prolong the going to bed process.  This week, it has been a LOT of having to get up to go to the bathroom.  Two nights ago, I told them no, they had just gone before they went to bed, that they were fine.  So, I am standing at the door and William is standing up in his bed saying in this sweet voice while slightly prancing, "oh but mommy, the pee pee's got to come out, it does", he was completely manipulating me and coercing me with his voice and I apparently just endorsed that kind of behavior because it was cute, and sure enough he really did have to go to the bathroom.  
  • Xavier has also been telling me that he is very proud of me:  "I so proud of you, mommy!"  I hope that is because I am often telling them that I am proud of them.


Brian Lewis said…
My lunch routine includes reading your blog...thanks for making my lunch enjoyable. Please tell Micah congratulations for me. I can't imagine the difficulty. I enjoy reading about your parenting stuff. It's so refreshing to hear about parents like you guys. I wish we were closer to share our parenting experiences more.
Have a good weekend!
listgirl said…
Hi Becky! It's been a while since I've stopped by your blog. I've been really busy with multiple things. But I'm so glad Micah has excelled in his first semester in med school, and that it's done now and you guys get some family time together! I hope to catch up on your blog some more, when I have more time. December and January are the busiest months for me at work. Plus we're squeezing in a vacation and of course, there's Christmas too! Take care of yourself!

joelsgirl said…
Wow, his first semester down. I hope the rest of them go quickly.

My kids always say, "That sound like a good idea?" I wuv the little things they say!

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