just popping in

...to say that I am still alive, but feel like I am barely making it.  How does life get this crazy and I work from home and Micah is home with me this week, so in theory, I should have more, not less time to get things done.

We had a fun but busy weekend that included:

  • end of the semester holiday ball/dinner for Micah's school
  • Christmas parade in frigid weather
  • birthday party
  • church that included nursery duty
  • lunch and gift exchange with Micah's parents
  • Sunday School Christmas party--where Micah scored a Snuggie in our dirty santa gift exchange!
I did manage to get a few pictures, but haven't had the time or energy to load and edit them.  Tonight we let the boys open their Christmas presents from us and enjoyed watching them having fun playing with them and went to visit a huge Christmas light display in Tulsa that we go and see every year.  The boys called it "wonderland" and it completely cracked me up every time they would reference it as we were walking around.   And I finished up my Christmas cards tonight, now to just get to the post office for some stamps and I will be set.

Tomorrow includes a check up with my oncologist (just routine), taking our van to the shop (since the check engine light came on today), finishing up laundry and packing for our trip to Illinois and then on to New York and back to Illinois.  I figure my bloggy presence will be fairly hit and miss over the next couple of weeks with all the craziness, but I will update as I can.


LaCombe said…
Merry Christmas Becky! Have a Safe and Wonderful trip!

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