Random sayings from our house that may or may not make sense!

  • Hey, moon, shine in our car!
  • We going to reindeer school--as they pack their toys in their backpacks and crawl around on all fours (not hands and knees, but hands and feet with their hind ends up in the air!)
  • He's Rudolf, I'm Firebolt.  Hey, Rudolf, let's go! 
  • Woohoo, it's pajama night at the living christmas tree!
  • Xavier literally breaking out in sobs when I ran back in to get something I had forgotten after getting 5 minutes down the road--he thought that I was coming back and his grandma was going to leave, I have never felt more loved!
  • That was hilarious.
  • I love my teehee rex all the time.
  • i said a good prayer, i said all the same words. ( This said in a very proud tone....I think they are missing the point of us telling them NOT to say the same words all the time!)
  • Talk to me about that--when they want to hear a story.
  • I hungry, my stomach is starved, it's grumbling.  I need a snack.
  • Xavier spent what seemed like hours drawing 'bones' on the Hulk figure I drew for him last night. If you have ever seen my works of art, you know that it looked nothing like Hulk, but Xavier was intent on giving him a skeleton.
  • They wore their pajamas to the tree tonight and they are these camo pajams and Xavier announced that no one could see them because they looked like trees.
  • We need Christmas lights on our house.  
  • My favorite by far:  Mommy, I love you, you're the best, I love the mess out of you!  

I am incredibly blessed with amazing smart adorable ever growing little boys!

This would be the picture of the boys before leaving for the Living Christmas Tree last night.  Xavier was drawing and William was "pretending to be George [Curious George]" (in his own words)


Brenna said…
Your guys are so cute~ my favorite, too, is "I love the mess out of you!"

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