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Winter Blast 2010

We ended up with seven inches of snow in what local newscasters are referring to as Winter Blast (and I actually saw on Fox News that the 'Winter Blast' is extending all the way to the east coast).  Like I had promised, we took the boys out to play and build a snowman.  Micah took the time to shovel our driveway and had fun dumping the snow over the boys: 
And seriously, have a seen a cuter little boy.  William (aka mommy's little baby doll):

 And Xavier (aka mommy's baby boy):

 And of course, the infamous snowman.  The snow was super fine and was not very conducive to building a snow man, but I managed to pat together enough to build a tiny little one for the boys.  And I apologize for the quality of some of these pictures. I was messing with the settings on my camera and, of course, forgot to change them back before taking some of these pics. I managed to salvage them somewhat, but I am still frustrated with myself.

 Xavier really wanted a picture of him and Hulk and th…

Maybe we should call it Ice-ageddon!

When I lived in Nashville, my friend Kari and I used to get really cracked up at the local news stations, it seemed like every 'event' had to have some sort of corny name that they could refer to it by.  My two favorites that come to mind are the Music City Miracle (which was a really great football play that came towards the end of a game that eventually led the Titans to the Super Bowl--yes, my knowledge of this surprises even me!) and then there was the Nightmare in Nashville (also known as the time there was a pretty big tornado that went through downtown while we were in college).  So, anyway, I was talking to Kari yesterday and she was checking on us to see if we had gotten the massive winter storm that was headed toward Nashville.  At that point, it had barely started sleeting here after being in the 50s on Wednesday.  That led us into a discussion on how the news stations have been talking up this storm for over a week now.  Micah (being in the med school bubble that h…

Comfy Clothes Day

Last night after I got the boys in bed and was thinking about today, I decided that it was definitely going to be a comfy clothes day--now this is a different category than a pajama day which is also a favorite at our house.  Comfy clothes days are when I wear my black velour track suit that is not constrictive and is extraordinarily comfy, but yet, I won't be embarrassed if the doorbell rings or if I have to run out to the grocery store or something.  Neither of those things happened today, so it might as well have been a pajama day, but it makes me feel better to just say they could have. 
Tuesdays are not my favorite days since Micah has an extra class that he has to go to at night and so doesn't get home until close to 9 pm.  Now, that does seem like a really long day for Micah, and it is, and I have sympathy for him, but that is also a really long day for Becky.  I am not really having a best mommy of the year day or that is how I am feeling anyway.  Of course, William cam…

Slowly, but surely

I feel like I am very slowly, but surely making progress on the boys' album from their first year.  It was Micah's big plan to take their picture every day and as much as I was frustrated with the process, it has been very sweet to go back and see how they grew.  Last night as I was working on these pages, I could really see how they were starting to be more aware and they were smiling all the time and just being much more interactive.  I am also seeing how much I have learned about photography and photo editing since the boys were born.  Not that I am an expert now by any stretch of the imagination, but I have definitely learned a few tips and tricks and so it is also kind of driving me crazy how different all of these pictures are as far as exposure and white balance, etc.  I am trying to not spend an exorbitant amount of time on editing them though, because honestly, I have 365 pics times 2 which is 730 pictures and it is not like we took just one picture a day of each of t…


As you will see, I have been very busy this weekend, so much so that I hardly had time to open blogger to blog about my exciting weekend.  I have been very busy doing this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

it's been a very productive weekend for me in the scrapping department.  And amazingly, my house is still clean and there is laundry to be folded, but it has been completely worth it.  Oh, and the boys have behaved and are still alive.

One of my sadnesses that comes from not being in France has been that I have always so looked forward to and that was going to happen when we back in 2007 was that I was actually going to live in the same town as my friend Lynette who has been just a dear dear friend and mentor to me and I was so looking forward to living close to her and we were going to meet together and pray together and learn together and grow together and I think that I have mourned that as much as anything.   The reason I share this is that through church and ladies&#…

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for....

conversations like this one:X: (listening to the radio in the car) Is this a Jesus song?Me: yesX: I love JesusMe: (heart melting) me too, buddy!X: I love GodMe: (melting even more) oh so do I, babyX:  Horton is a big elephant in the skyMe: ???? (blank look!)Thursday morning Bible Study--we started back this week and this morning it was so good to be there, to see the women, and to hear God's worda house that is warm, solid, and secure, food on our table, a bed to sleep in --the devastation in Haiti is heartbreaking to watch and reminding me to be more thankful for all that we haveWhat are you thankful for today?

So thankful

So, last night when Micah got home, we got out our wedding DVD and watched it together with the boys.  Can you believe that this is the first time in 7 years that we have watched our wedding?  I read once about a couple who would watch their wedding every year on their anniversary and I thought that was really cool, but we had several factors that prevented us from doing that.  First, we only VHS tapes of it, and our first few years in France, we didn't have a VCR.  Then, we moved back to the States and we still didn't have a VCR because everything was on DVD by then, and you didn't NEED a VCR.  Finally, this last summer, we borrowed a DVD burner from Micah's dad and transferred all of our VHS tapes and videos of the boys to DVDs, but we hadn't taken time to watch very many of them.  Anyway, all of that to say, if you haven't watched your wedding recently, I highly recommend it.  It is fun to see how much you have changed, see all the people that came to suppor…

Blog Makeover

After seeing my sister's blog makeover, I got inspired to do something about mine as well.  I pretty much copied her design since she got some great advice about how to do the whole html code which I am pretty much horrible at, I just took some of her friend's suggestions and added them to my blog. I am much happier with it now and let's be honest, it will probably stay like this for a while!


It is Monday morning and I am not feeling the least bit rested.  I don't know if it is my new medication Femara that is making me feel so tired all the time, but for the last several days I have been just dragging, no motivation to do anything, feeling like I am going to fall asleep at any given moment.  Not really my favorite thing, to be quite honest.  We had a pretty relaxing weekend which was nice.  I realized last week that it was the first weekend since before Thanksgiving that we haven't had anything on the agenda.  Micah, of course, was studying, but the boys and I just hung around the house, stayed in our pajamas on Saturday and enjoyed having no responsibilities.  Which of course, for me also meant some scrapping time.  Yesterday was church and then Micah went to school to study and I spent some time working on the boys picture a day album from their first year.  Yes, I know, it is kind of like those quilts, I apparently like to procrastinate.  After Micah got home a…


Today, the boys are headed out to spend the day with their grandma.  She wanted to take them to see a movie and I have a bunch of errands and returns to do that will be so much more easily done without children, so it is working out for both of us.  I am also going to meet Micah for lunch at this restaurant which we have only been to a couple of times once for dinner (with a gift certificate) and once for lunch, but it is some amazing food.  Our anniversary is on Monday and since they are closed on Mondays, I wanted to go today and we are going for lunch, because, it is significantly less expensive than dinner!  I can't wait. I have yet to be disappointed there and we had planned to go for my birthday, but I was sick and then we never made it.

I have been doing the 30-Day Shred the last couple of days and am really feeling it in my legs, but it is good to be doing something and so I am determined to stick it out and continue exercising this year. I know that it is just good for me …

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful....

for the fact that it is 7:30 and my boys are still sleeping! (not very spiritual, I know, but it's true!) update: they got up at 7:45 and immediately wanted me to read the story of Moses from the "Jesus" book--pretty sweet, huh?that I live in a town with a mother-in-law who is willing to watch the boys at the drop of the hat making it easier on me to run a few quick errands. I don't ever want to take that for granted.that God's shoulders are more than sufficient to bear the burdens of our hearts.  I am overwhelmed this morning with the number of people that I have on my prayer list with medical issues, job issues, relationship issues, etc.  It is such a comfort to know that we do not bear those heartaches ourselves, but we have an all-sufficient Father who allows us to lay them at His feet.that my boys are learning about God and that I have the absolute privilege of teaching them about Him.for the wonder of technology that allows us to com…

What I'm Reading

In the spirit of actually fulfilling my New Year's Resolutions to read more, I thought I would share with you a couple of books that I am reading and also just finished.
I just finished Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller. He is the guy that wrote Blue Like Jazz that I talked about here.  Honestly, I didn't really hate the book, but didn't really love it either.  I do think that Miller has some good things to say, but he is rather harsh and definitely negative about the church in America and while I can agree with him on many issues, his method of communicating (in this book anyway) comes across very polarizing and rather off-putting.  It seems like he says some really strong things almost for 'shock value' and in general, I guess I am more of an optimist than he is regarding the church.  Can't really decide if I would recommend it or not.  I know that he is apparently pretty well thought of in the youth/young adult ministry world and does quite a bit …


Just thought I would add this layout I finished yesterday.  For my scrapping friends, Gina Miller has several of the products I used on this layout for only $1 today, so if you are interested, head over here to pick them up!

Seriously cute stories

Friday, the boys and I ventured out to Walmart to pick up this that I had ordered with some Christmas money (and it is a steal at $35, I have already used mine once and can't wait to use it again!).  Back to the point of the story....that morning, the boys had been coloring at the kitchen table and I was working all over the house and had plugged my ipod into the kitchen speakers and we were listening to some music.  Well, while we were at Walmart, I have kind of tuned the boys out, because honestly they are making some sort of noise ALL the time, but I realize that they are kind of humming/singing a tune that I recognize, so I start listening a little bit closer and this is what I hear:  "there's no law like Jonah, there's no law like Jonah, there's no law like Jonah" and I start thinking what are they singing, I recognize the tune-ish but don't know any Jonah songs, and then I realize that they are singing Days of Elijah by Twila Paris--There's no g…

Boys' Birthday Room Makeover

I maybe should have titled the post finally finishing the boys' room two and a half years later, but I think that room makeover has a better ring to it!  For the boys' birthday this year, we decided to go ahead and finally finish out their room.  Poor Micah didn't really understand the scope of all that I had planned, but he was a really good sport about it and was a huge help to me on Saturday.  First, I should probably clarify that when I was pregnant with the boys, I had decided to make John Deere quilts for them and that would be how we would decorate their room.  Well, moving back to the States when they were only 4 months old kind of took the joy out of  'decorating their nursery' since I knew that basically as soon as we had them, we were going to have to begin packing up and so the official 'nursery' never happened.  I ordered material for their quilts and decided to go with just some pre-cut squares from John Deere fabric and make little patchwork …

Four years old

How do little ones go so quickly from this....

to this....

I have had the hardest time believing that my sweet tiny little boys turned four years old today.  It hardly seems possible.  I think that they grow so much every single day and it is killing me that they are getting so big.  I am sure that I have tons of things to wax eloquent about concerning them and I plan on it, but for now, I will just share a few pictures because I am exhausted from the birthday weekend and the season premiere of Chuck is on and I think it deserves my complete attention!

This was last night with their cousin Quentin:

I made them each their own cakes this year and I think they were quite pleased!
Here is Xavier with his cake:

and looking all grown up today!

and of course, sweet William

with his big blue eyes!

Lots of fun stories to tell tomorrow!
Happy Birthday, sweet boys!

Getting back into the groove

Micah headed back to school this morning which means that we are going to be getting back into the routine of things here at home.  We really enjoyed having Micah home and he helped me so much these last couple of weeks with the household stuff and I am sure that it is going to be an adjustment again getting used to him being gone again.  Earlier in the week, he had said that he was ready for school to start again and was getting kind of antsy to start, but the last few days, I think he was really starting to enjoy 'vacation life' (i.e. taking naps, staying up late, sleeping in) and he wasn't quite as chipper about heading out the door at 6:30 this morning.

I have a couple of layouts to share and have some things that I want to blog about, just am not quite ready to.  So, I think I will make this short and post these layouts.  Hope everyone has a happy Friday!

Catching Up

I feel like we have been playing catch up since we got home.  Catching up on laundry, catching up on sleep, catching up on work, catching up with friends, etc.  I can hardly believe that we have only been home a week since we have fit so much into these last seven days.  Maybe tomorrow I will be inspired to blog about something interesting, but at the moment, I have zero inspiration and just thought I would share a couple of pages I have been able to finish.  Now don't think that I have spent nearly as much time as I would like scrapping.  Most of these were done minus the pictures at my parents house and it has taken me until now to find pictures, edit and get them finished up.  Micah doesn't go back to school until Friday, so we are enjoying a few more days with him at home without any studying responsibilities.