Boys' Birthday Room Makeover

I maybe should have titled the post finally finishing the boys' room two and a half years later, but I think that room makeover has a better ring to it!  For the boys' birthday this year, we decided to go ahead and finally finish out their room.  Poor Micah didn't really understand the scope of all that I had planned, but he was a really good sport about it and was a huge help to me on Saturday.  First, I should probably clarify that when I was pregnant with the boys, I had decided to make John Deere quilts for them and that would be how we would decorate their room.  Well, moving back to the States when they were only 4 months old kind of took the joy out of  'decorating their nursery' since I knew that basically as soon as we had them, we were going to have to begin packing up and so the official 'nursery' never happened.  I ordered material for their quilts and decided to go with just some pre-cut squares from John Deere fabric and make little patchwork quilts for them.  I am pretty sure that I will always remember when the fabric arrived because it was on my birthday (November 7, 2005) and I am also about 85% positive that my crawling around on all fours determining placement of said squares is what sent me into pre-term labor 2 days later and resulting in 12 days in the hospital and 8 weeks of bedrest.  Anyway, these quilts have been hanging over my head since then.  I actually got them sewn together and I think that Micah basted them under my supervision (of course) and then I started quilting them and my mom took them home with her and she worked on quilting them and seriously, it is a bit ridiculous that I haven't finished them before now, but I like to think that I have had a few things going on and make plenty of excuses for myself.  So, for their FOURTH birthday, I decided to finally finish them and hang them on the wall as decoration.  Micah's parents bought them some John Deere comforters that match somewhat with their quilts, and then, I got a wild idea to make some curtains to go under the tan curtains they already had hanging in their room.  So, I borrowed Micah's mom's sewing machine and got out the scraps of fabric that I had and discovered that I still had the crib skirts that Linda had made for them and I got to thinking that it was a busy enough pattern that I could maybe piece together some more of that and make curtains.  So, that is what I, if you get close enough, you can completely tell that I am not an accomplished seamstress and there are some really crooked seams, but I think it turned out pretty cute and I love that I was able to put the bed skirts to use.  The boys left with their grandparents Saturday afternoon and Micah and I spent the entire afternoon finishing up the curtains, hanging the quilts, cleaning and organizing their room, and the boys were quite excited to come home and see it.  So, here are a few pictures of the finished product.

William's bed

Xavier's bed

close up of William's quilt

Xavier's quilt

and their bookshelf which is for once actually straightened

All day on Saturday when I was doing all of this, I was thinking about my friends who are very crafty and do stuff like this all the time.  One of those friends is Julie who hosts Made it Monday each week where people can show off the things that they have made.  Usually, I have nothing too exciting to add, but was quite excited about the fact that this week, I actually have something to show off! :)   So, here is a link to this week's Made It Monday for anyone who wants to see how crafty everyone else in the world is.


Amy said…
Oh, Becky! Their room looks fantastic! I love the quilts. You did a great job and I'm so impressed with your sewing abilities! Tell the boys we said Happy Birthday!
Melissa said…
The room turned out so cute! And I'm more than a little jealous of that really clean bookshelf!
joelsgirl said…
It all looks fabulous!

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