Comfy Clothes Day

Last night after I got the boys in bed and was thinking about today, I decided that it was definitely going to be a comfy clothes day--now this is a different category than a pajama day which is also a favorite at our house.  Comfy clothes days are when I wear my black velour track suit that is not constrictive and is extraordinarily comfy, but yet, I won't be embarrassed if the doorbell rings or if I have to run out to the grocery store or something.  Neither of those things happened today, so it might as well have been a pajama day, but it makes me feel better to just say they could have. 

Tuesdays are not my favorite days since Micah has an extra class that he has to go to at night and so doesn't get home until close to 9 pm.  Now, that does seem like a really long day for Micah, and it is, and I have sympathy for him, but that is also a really long day for Becky.  I am not really having a best mommy of the year day or that is how I am feeling anyway.  Of course, William came in and gave me a sweet hug and said "mommy, you're the best mommy in the world!"  which was very sweet. It has just been a really long couple of days and I have not had a ton of motivation to do much of anything and yet there is still work to be done.  In spite of my lack of motivation, I have still managed to get a few things done for work and home, although probably not nearly as much as I could have if I could get myself to actually focus on life.  Earlier today, William asked what we were having for dinner and I said Chicken Pot Pie and he said, 'um...I would like the chicken and the pie, but I don't care for the pot.'  Unfortunately, that never got made because I got to visiting with my friend Joy and we had frozen pizza instead, which the boys were literally thrilled about. I think they could eat an entire one themselves.

Well, Micah has gotten home since I started typing this and we have chatted for a few and now he is studying again and I think that I am going to get my coffee ready for the morning and head to bed myself.  We are expecting a huge winter storm on Thursday so I plan to get some extra groceries tomorrow to make sure we are set.  

I managed to finish up a couple of layouts over the last couple of days that I have been working on.


Melissa said…
We had frozen pizza too because I couldn't get motivated to fix supper.

Hey, did you change your settings on the blog? I can't read the whole thing at once now - I have to scroll over to read all the text.
Williams response about the Chicken Pot Pie is priceless! I can only imagine how hectic and stressful it must be sometimes to have two energetic boys all day. Isn't it good that God knows when you need a hug or a funny little comment from one of them to bring it all into perspective?

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