Four years old

How do little ones go so quickly from this....

to this....

I have had the hardest time believing that my sweet tiny little boys turned four years old today.  It hardly seems possible.  I think that they grow so much every single day and it is killing me that they are getting so big.  I am sure that I have tons of things to wax eloquent about concerning them and I plan on it, but for now, I will just share a few pictures because I am exhausted from the birthday weekend and the season premiere of Chuck is on and I think it deserves my complete attention!

This was last night with their cousin Quentin:

I made them each their own cakes this year and I think they were quite pleased!
Here is Xavier with his cake:

and looking all grown up today!

and of course, sweet William

with his big blue eyes!

Lots of fun stories to tell tomorrow!
Happy Birthday, sweet boys!


Tia said…
Sweet sweet sweet! I hope to treasure every moment with my little girl. She's just 18 mo.
Melissa said…
Happy birthday, boys!

I think 4 was a hard birthday because they definitely aren't little boys anymore. Age 4 was a good one in behavior, though - something to look forward to. LOL
LaCombe said…
Wow, I think I met you briefly at TDF when they weren't but a year. Wow Time flys, but God has been so good to you and what a Beautiful pair of boys he blessed you with! Looks like they had a great Birthday.Miss ya and Love ya, Kathy
Brian Lewis said…
Give my McDonald's buddies a belated birthday hug from their Uncle Brian! Happy birthday!

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