Today, the boys are headed out to spend the day with their grandma.  She wanted to take them to see a movie and I have a bunch of errands and returns to do that will be so much more easily done without children, so it is working out for both of us.  I am also going to meet Micah for lunch at this restaurant which we have only been to a couple of times once for dinner (with a gift certificate) and once for lunch, but it is some amazing food.  Our anniversary is on Monday and since they are closed on Mondays, I wanted to go today and we are going for lunch, because, it is significantly less expensive than dinner!  I can't wait. I have yet to be disappointed there and we had planned to go for my birthday, but I was sick and then we never made it.

I have been doing the 30-Day Shred the last couple of days and am really feeling it in my legs, but it is good to be doing something and so I am determined to stick it out and continue exercising this year. I know that it is just good for me in general, but since I have been taken off of my tamoxifen and put on a new hormone blocker called Femara it is even more important since the Femara can be really hard on your bone density and apparently 'vigorous exercise' builds bone.  And personally, I qualify Jillian's Shred DVD as vigorous!

The boys have been cracking me up all week. Here are some things I have heard:

  • W:  I went to the bathroom 20 years ago.  [still working on the concept of time]
  • X:  ooh, I'd love to, that is my favorite movie in the whole world [everything is the superlative with him]
  • We learned the verse "a soft answer turns away wrath" this week and so we have been talking about using soft words (i.e. kind words) and on the way home from Cubbies this week, William told me that he used his 'wraf' on Mr. Bobby 'just a little bit wraf though like you, mommy'.  lovely, he knows when I am just a little bit frustrated!


Oh my goodness...that is one of the funniest things I have ever heard! I love hearing about their take on things.
Anonymous said…
Becky, neither can I believe the boys are 4!!!!

They are still sweet, and will be more!!!

Poetic, huh?
Love to all, GreatgmaE
Becky, I know you don't have time to spare but I thought you might go over to and read her story sometime. She is a young woman battling cancer. I would appreciate it if you could put her on your prayer list.

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