Getting back into the groove

Micah headed back to school this morning which means that we are going to be getting back into the routine of things here at home.  We really enjoyed having Micah home and he helped me so much these last couple of weeks with the household stuff and I am sure that it is going to be an adjustment again getting used to him being gone again.  Earlier in the week, he had said that he was ready for school to start again and was getting kind of antsy to start, but the last few days, I think he was really starting to enjoy 'vacation life' (i.e. taking naps, staying up late, sleeping in) and he wasn't quite as chipper about heading out the door at 6:30 this morning.

I have a couple of layouts to share and have some things that I want to blog about, just am not quite ready to.  So, I think I will make this short and post these layouts.  Hope everyone has a happy Friday!


I imagine it must be hard to give him up to med school again! Your pages are great-I especially like Froggy.
Anonymous said…
I especially like January 2010! The boys are precious--I want to hug their necks! Of course I am their grandma!

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