Maybe we should call it Ice-ageddon!

When I lived in Nashville, my friend Kari and I used to get really cracked up at the local news stations, it seemed like every 'event' had to have some sort of corny name that they could refer to it by.  My two favorites that come to mind are the Music City Miracle (which was a really great football play that came towards the end of a game that eventually led the Titans to the Super Bowl--yes, my knowledge of this surprises even me!) and then there was the Nightmare in Nashville (also known as the time there was a pretty big tornado that went through downtown while we were in college).  So, anyway, I was talking to Kari yesterday and she was checking on us to see if we had gotten the massive winter storm that was headed toward Nashville.  At that point, it had barely started sleeting here after being in the 50s on Wednesday.  That led us into a discussion on how the news stations have been talking up this storm for over a week now.  Micah (being in the med school bubble that he is) didn't know until Wednesday night that they were really calling for much of anything and so he called to make sure that I had plenty of food because in his words, "they're talking like it is going to be Armageddon or something."  That comment just made me laugh and so I was telling Kari and she suggested that maybe we should just call it Ice-ageddon which was soon to be followed by the Snow-pocalypse.   If that doesn't make you laugh, I apologize, but we got really cracked up over it yesterday...

I also should add that it is turning out to be quite the winter storm.  We didn't get as much ice as they were predicting, so I don't think that many in our area have lost power, which is a good thing, but it started snowing this morning and is still coming down pretty hard and has developed quite a bit of accumulation in the last few hours.  The boys will be thrilled because they are dying to make a snowman.  And because I really do want to help them make memories and don't want to rob them of childhood joys, I promised that I would help them make a snowman.  That promise in no way stems of my own personal desire to make a snowman, I don't know that I ever have....playing out in the freezing cold, while getting wet from snow is not in the least appealing to me, but I will be a fun mommy, if it kills me! :)  No comments from the peanut gallery on that either.

So, what have we been doing?  I have been unusually busy with work this week, so that has taken up my time and of course, all the preparations for the winter storm.  Several of the designers that I am on their creative teams have products coming out this week, so I have spent some time working on layouts.    Last week, I was really bad about not having a menu and just throwing things together at the last minute and so I was determined to make a menu over the weekend and stick to it and I have done fairly well.   I love to try new recipes and I have made 3 new ones this week.  Two from the Pioneer Woman's cookbook (Comfort Meatballs and Chicken Pot Pie) and one from Trisha Yearwood's cookbook that my mother in law gave me for Christmas.  It is kind of a joke on that side of the family because my dear mother in law in general hates to cook.  She is a good cook when she wants to, but there are countless stories of how she has messed meals up, had major cooking catastrophes, and even poisoned the family once.  But, last summer, she got Trisha's book and she LOVED it and started cooking all the time from it.  She would invite us over and not let anyone else cook and she would make like 5 things from Trisha's book.  So, it has been a bit of a joke with my sister-in-law that if only we had Trisha's book, we could be great cooks too.  This was my first attempt cooking from it and overall I was pleased. I made her Chicken Tortilla Soup last night and we really enjoyed it, the boys even liked it.  Of course, the recipe calls for 4 cups of half and half--yes, you read that right FOUR cups--so how could it be bad? I just could not bring myself to do that and instead used two, a cup of milk and a cup of water.  It also had a can of cream of chicken soup in it.  So, it was fairly creamy.  It also recommended serving it with a dollop of sour cream, but as my friend Amy said in college, I felt like that might be kind of like taking some fat and sticking it on my thighs with a piece of duct tape.  I think we probably had plenty of cream.

Here are some of those layouts that I was talking about:

Hope everyone has a safe and warm weekend!


Brian Lewis said…
I love making fun of the drama with the weather forecasts, but you've gone too far when you make fun of the greatest play in Titans' history. You'll probably get a good laugh from the names of these great plays in NFL history too: "The Miracle at the Meadowlands" and the best one yet, the "immaculate reception."
LaCombe said…
Looks like th eboys had a great time and it brings back a lot of memories for me as a child, being from Michigan and all, but I do not miss it at all! My 60 and windy today was cold enough for me, especially after being 76 for two day! Stay warm.. Love, Kathy

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