Seriously cute stories

Friday, the boys and I ventured out to Walmart to pick up this that I had ordered with some Christmas money (and it is a steal at $35, I have already used mine once and can't wait to use it again!).  Back to the point of the story....that morning, the boys had been coloring at the kitchen table and I was working all over the house and had plugged my ipod into the kitchen speakers and we were listening to some music.  Well, while we were at Walmart, I have kind of tuned the boys out, because honestly they are making some sort of noise ALL the time, but I realize that they are kind of humming/singing a tune that I recognize, so I start listening a little bit closer and this is what I hear:  "there's no law like Jonah, there's no law like Jonah, there's no law like Jonah" and I start thinking what are they singing, I recognize the tune-ish but don't know any Jonah songs, and then I realize that they are singing Days of Elijah by Twila Paris--There's no god like Jehovah, there's no god like Jehovah.  It took some convincing because they really like the Jonah part, but I think that we have them on the right track now.

Then, on the way home, we are listening to the local Christian radio station and they are singing some song about "all I need is a Savior" and William pipes up with "Jesus is the Savior!"  Yes, He is, son.

This next one takes the cake as far as stories go though.  After church on Sunday, we are driving home and I am asking them what they learned in Sunday School or Wee Worship and I start getting several answers, starting with the most obvious, "Jesus, God, Noah, David [that is a new one, so I start asking more questions]"  and then, they come out with "leprosy" and I am thinking okay they learned about someone who had leprosy, etc.  And these are some of the comments I start hearing:

  • He had leprosy.
  • I ask, 'does that mean he was sick?'
  • yeah, he had spots all over him
  • kind of like a cheetah
  • leopards live in the zoo
  • I don't want spots all over me.
Okay, at this point, I have figured out that we are a little confused on the difference between lepers and leopards--both do have spots all over their bodies though, in a manner of speaking.  It continued down that strain for a while then we got distracted, but then yesterday morning at breakfast, William told me that we needed all of the lepers to live at the zoo so that nobody else would get sick.  Completely cracked me up--I am working on getting them straightened out!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the laughs--multiple laughs! Mom

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