Slowly, but surely

I feel like I am very slowly, but surely making progress on the boys' album from their first year.  It was Micah's big plan to take their picture every day and as much as I was frustrated with the process, it has been very sweet to go back and see how they grew.  Last night as I was working on these pages, I could really see how they were starting to be more aware and they were smiling all the time and just being much more interactive.  I am also seeing how much I have learned about photography and photo editing since the boys were born.  Not that I am an expert now by any stretch of the imagination, but I have definitely learned a few tips and tricks and so it is also kind of driving me crazy how different all of these pictures are as far as exposure and white balance, etc.  I am trying to not spend an exorbitant amount of time on editing them though, because honestly, I have 365 pics times 2 which is 730 pictures and it is not like we took just one picture a day of each of them.  One of the issues is that we have sometimes hundreds of pictures a day because Micah was seriously camera happy and would set them up and just hold his finger down on the button.  And then, he was kind of silly in the fact that he didn't want to delete ANY of them, good or bad.  Well, little does he know that as I cull through the photos, I am hitting the delete button on the pictures that are blurry, out of focus, or missing half of their heads--because honestly, we don't need them.  I am just thankful to be making progress.

I also realized this weekend how much I wish I had been really blogging back then.  I was scrapping a page the other day and they were some of my favorite pictures of the boys, but I couldn't remember what we had done that day and I was able to just go back to my blog and I had actually blogged that day and so I was able to write just a little caption about what we were doing, so I decided that having a blog really paid off!  Anyway, I would love to be able to do that with some of the days when they were really little, because honestly, some of it is really blurry in my mind.

Alright, I managed to get two pages done for each of their books. William is first this time, for those who need some help identifying them!


LaCombe said…
What adoreable pics of the boys! Smiles, winking, chubby cheeks, wonderment, amazement, Beautiful!!! Blessed! Love, Kathy

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