So thankful

So, last night when Micah got home, we got out our wedding DVD and watched it together with the boys.  Can you believe that this is the first time in 7 years that we have watched our wedding?  I read once about a couple who would watch their wedding every year on their anniversary and I thought that was really cool, but we had several factors that prevented us from doing that.  First, we only VHS tapes of it, and our first few years in France, we didn't have a VCR.  Then, we moved back to the States and we still didn't have a VCR because everything was on DVD by then, and you didn't NEED a VCR.  Finally, this last summer, we borrowed a DVD burner from Micah's dad and transferred all of our VHS tapes and videos of the boys to DVDs, but we hadn't taken time to watch very many of them.  Anyway, all of that to say, if you haven't watched your wedding recently, I highly recommend it.  It is fun to see how much you have changed, see all the people that came to support you and love you and were so happy for you.  I am sure that most people feel like their wedding was the most special one ever, but I really just loved our wedding, there were so many little pieces to it that just still bring tears to my eyes.  What I always remember though is after Clint pronounced us Mr. and Mrs. Micah Derby and we turned around to face the crowd before walking out and how everyone just clapped and clapped and were so happy for us.  Clint said, "if these two don't make it, it won't be because people aren't rooting for them!" and I still feel that way.  We have so many dear friends and family who have encouraged us along and cheered us through so many changes and difficulties and all of those people clapping and being so happy for us back then are still the dear ones who are encouraging us along now and it is has been a journey, let me tell you.  I went to bed so thankful last night for the wonderful man that the Lord blessed me with, for our sweet boys, for seven good years of marriage, and for so many friends and family who have been with us on the journey.


Melissa said…
And here I was expecting to see a wedding layout after the buildup. LOL
Sweet post. I wish we had been able to video tape our wedding more than 35 years ago. How fun to see those two kids you were!
joelsgirl said…
That was going to be our anniversary tradition! This year will mark the tenth year that my husband refuses to watch, lol. But we are both way hotter now, so it's kinda painful to watch. ;) Great pages, btw!
Lacombe said…
Love the new pic of the Family on this Blog! What a Beautiful Pic of all of you! Miss you bunches. When in Florida, look us up and come stay awhile. Love, Kathy

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