Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for....

  • conversations like this one:
    • X: (listening to the radio in the car) Is this a Jesus song?
    • Me: yes
    • X: I love Jesus
    • Me: (heart melting) me too, buddy!
    • X: I love God
    • Me: (melting even more) oh so do I, baby
    • X:  Horton is a big elephant in the sky
    • Me: ???? (blank look!)
  • Thursday morning Bible Study--we started back this week and this morning it was so good to be there, to see the women, and to hear God's word
  • a house that is warm, solid, and secure, food on our table, a bed to sleep in --the devastation in Haiti is heartbreaking to watch and reminding me to be more thankful for all that we have
What are you thankful for today?


joelsgirl said…
That so made mme giggle! Very cute.
listgirl said…
I love your blog makeover... so classy, and that header photo is just precious.
LaCombe said…
I AM THANKFUL FOR LIFE, EVERYDAY, SUN, FLOWERS, SNOW, SEASONS, ALL CREATED BY MY FATHER, THE LORD AND SAVIOR. Becky, your sisters daughter is beautiful. I think this is the first time I ever saw her. Just Georgous! along with your two most handsome boys ever! Love ya, Kathy

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