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In the spirit of actually fulfilling my New Year's Resolutions to read more, I thought I would share with you a couple of books that I am reading and also just finished.

I just finished Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller. He is the guy that wrote Blue Like Jazz that I talked about here.  Honestly, I didn't really hate the book, but didn't really love it either.  I do think that Miller has some good things to say, but he is rather harsh and definitely negative about the church in America and while I can agree with him on many issues, his method of communicating (in this book anyway) comes across very polarizing and rather off-putting.  It seems like he says some really strong things almost for 'shock value' and in general, I guess I am more of an optimist than he is regarding the church.  Can't really decide if I would recommend it or not.  I know that he is apparently pretty well thought of in the youth/young adult ministry world and does quite a bit of speaking and some people that I really like and respect like him, but he just isn't necessarily my cup of tea.

I bought the Jesus Storybook Bible for the boys for their birthday on the recommendation of my sister and have been reading it each day to the boys and I love it.  It is so well written and I love that it is seriously giving them some of the meat of Scripture in story form.  I am also reading Same Kind of Different as Me that is the next book in a blog type book club started by Angie Smith. I haven't gotten into it enough to really give an opinion on it though.  Our Sunday School class is reading through the Love Dare book and starting that DVD study this Sunday.  Micah isn't really getting a chance to do it with me, so I kind of hate that, but I am sure that I will still learn some things that will help improve our marriage with just one of us doing it.   And I read this book in college and for some reason when I was perusing our bookshelves for another book to read, it caught my eye and I have enjoyed reading through Christian Liberty by Martin Luther, which is probably more of a booklet than an actual book.  I am taking it in small doses, but it is just so rich in theology and I am loving it.  I am eager to get started reading Forgotten God, Francis Chan's newest book, and have a stack of other books that I would like to read as well.  

Here is a two page layout that I got done yesterday.  I am still trying to finish up scrapping last year and these are pictures from when my parents came to visit toward the end of October.  I really love Cindy Schneider's two page layout templates and am really happy with how this turned out.


Melissa said…
Well, you've always been better than me about reading good books instead of trivial fiction, but this is ridiculous. :)

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