Winter Blast 2010

We ended up with seven inches of snow in what local newscasters are referring to as Winter Blast (and I actually saw on Fox News that the 'Winter Blast' is extending all the way to the east coast).  Like I had promised, we took the boys out to play and build a snowman.  Micah took the time to shovel our driveway and had fun dumping the snow over the boys: 

And seriously, have a seen a cuter little boy.  William (aka mommy's little baby doll):

 And Xavier (aka mommy's baby boy):

 And of course, the infamous snowman.  The snow was super fine and was not very conducive to building a snow man, but I managed to pat together enough to build a tiny little one for the boys.  And I apologize for the quality of some of these pictures. I was messing with the settings on my camera and, of course, forgot to change them back before taking some of these pics. I managed to salvage them somewhat, but I am still frustrated with myself.

 Xavier really wanted a picture of him and Hulk and the snowman:

And look at this handsome man shoveling our driveway:

 William only wanted Hulk with the snowman--he wasn't interetsted in having his picture taken!

 We ended up the Winter Blast outside adventure by building a castle for Hulk (or burying him, however you want to look at it!)

This morning, most of the churches in our area have cancelled Sunday School and are only having one service, so we are enjoying a quiet morning before heading to the 10:30 service.  Micah is meeting with some friends to study this afternoon, the boys are spending the afternoon with their grandparents while I head to a marathon planning session for Tulsa YSC (Young Survival Coalition).


Melissa said…
Love the Hulk addition to your pics :)

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