4 days, 4 states, 3 houses

It has been a whirlwind weekend for us.  Last Thursday, the boys and I loaded up in the van (and when I say 'loaded up', I mean taking advantaged of all the room afforded by driving a minivan!) and headed out to Missouri to spend the evening with my friend Jill and her girls.  Friday afternoon, we went down the road about 30 miles to my grandparents house and spent the evening with them.  I am hoping that my boys were entertaining and didn't wear them out too much with their extreme amounts of energy.  My parents arrived late that night and then on Saturday (the point of the trip), we went to my grandmother's 75th birthday party.  We saw lots of family that we hadn't seen in a really long time and enjoyed so much spending time with them.  I often hate that we live so far away from our extended family because we don't get to see them very often and know that I need to take advantage of the moments that we do have.  I also found myself marveling while I was there that my boys had four grandmothers in the room (grandma, two great-grandmothers, and a great great grandmother) plus another two on Micah's side that weren't there.  What a rich heritage they have!  It was an exhausting day, but one filled with lots of laughter, tears, and really good memories.  When we decided to make the trip to my grandma's party, my thought was that 'well, it is only another 4 hours to Nashville, I should just go on over there.'  So, yesterday morning, we got up and drove to Nashville, met our dear friends Kari and Drew for lunch, took the boys to a park since it was an insane 65 degrees and sunny in Nashville, went back to Kari's house so that the boys could take a rest, then went to church at TDF, and ended up at my sister Melissa's house where the boys proceeded to immediately go and search out all of the toys that they had remembered from our Christmas visit 14 months ago--they were excited to see Camden and Rory, but after we got there and they jetted back to Camden's room, I really wondered if that was secretly the real reason they were so excited about coming.  Today, we have camped out at my sister's house, letting the kids play together and Melissa and I have solved each other's problems, worked on our photography skills, laughed and cried together, and are now settled on the couch to watch some Olympic figure skating together.  My other sister came over for dinner and we are excited that we get to see her coach a basketball game with her varsity team on Thursday before we leave.  I can't promise that there will be many updates this week since life is a bit crazy in a house with four energetic young children and two sisters whose patience isn't really their strong suit.

Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my last post.  Although this trip has been planned for several weeks, it is definitely coming at just the right time when it is good for us to be away and distracted.  Micah is unfortunately not with us and is keeping up the strict study schedule at home and I am sure that he will be happy to see us when we get back on Friday.


LaCombe said…
Continued Prayers, Becky. What ever it is, God is with you! Sure wish I was at TDF when you were there. We really miss it there. Love, Kathy
Anonymous said…
Becky, this pair of great grand parents sure enjoyed the boys (and you)!!! Our regret is that in all of the busyness, our camera sat mutely on the shelf, and you all were gone, and no pictures! It sat there also during the party! Next time I'll tie it around my neck!!
Melissa and family will find it all goes too fast, too.Enjoy.
Love you all, Grandma and 'pa E.

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