Some thoughts

I am sitting here keeping one eye on the  USA/Canada gold medal hockey game and having several thoughts:

  • First off, I don't generally watch hockey and it is pretty fast paced, I certainly don't understand all the lingo/rules, but since it is the Olympics, I feel some sort of patriotic duty to watch and be on pins and needles hoping for a victory.  
  • Second thing about hockey, it seems like it would be very difficult to wear those enormous gloves on your hands and actually be able to do anything with your hands.
  • The boys got up in the middle of the game and immediately recognized that it was the Americans playing and declared that they "have" to win.  I am not sure how they pick up on these things, but they do.
The next thoughts are not related to hockey at all, but are still thoughts:
  • Yesterday, while looking for something for the boys to watch on TV, I discovered that we had the movie Babe on our On Demand menu.  The boys loved it and Xavier has been asking all day today to watch "the Babe"--completely cracks me up.
  • While I was at Melissa's house, she tried to help me with learning how to take photos in manual mode on my camera and so I forced the boys to sit and let me try to take some pictures of them this afternoon and I was actually rather pleased with the results.  It is giving me confidence to try more.  Of course, I have serious camera envy of Melissa's Nikon D90.
  • It has been hard getting back into the swing of things since coming home.  I have managed to put off doing laundry until tomorrow, but did make myself get mostly unpacked and cleaned some yesterday.  I have also successfully ignored the pile of work on my desk that will be waiting for me tomorrow morning.  
  • It is always wonderful to hear how God is working in the world.  This morning the pastor at the church we went to shared about how God had worked and used him on a recent trip to the Ivory Coast  with the Hanna Project.  They did an amazing medical work and saw many come to know the Lord through their efforts and it was such a testimony to God's love and grace.  We both found ourselves moved to tears several times.  
  • The boys were thrilled to be home with their toys and to sleep in their beds.  Xavier was even more excited to hear that daddy was going to still be here when they woke up the last couple of mornings.  Of course, he will be back to being going before they wake up tomorrow, but it was nice to have him home and to be home.
Some of the pictures from today:


joelsgirl said…
First, I have to say that you took some REALLY good shots of your boys today! Totally makes me rethink my commitment to a P&S. And I love your commentary on the hockey game; Jack asked Joel, "Which one is our team?" and then proceeded to yell and cheer for them.
Melissa said…
Cute pictures! Camden too got up from his nap and immediately jumped into the game. He was quite devastated when we lost.
Monica said…
Great shots! I love how you fixed the Aperture on the first and fourth one to make the background fuzzy! Go Becky, go!
Amy said…
Those 2 are looking way too grown up for my liking!
LeahMarie said…
Becky, I have really enjoyed reading your blog for quite some time...actually it is from your posts that I now find myself quite addicted to digital scrapbooking!! SO MUCH FUN! Your boys are so cute and they make for great blog posts :) Raising boys is an experience like no other!! I only have one, so I can only imagine the fun times 2! I wouldn't trade it for anything. You guys take care and say hello to Micah!
listgirl said…
So glad you made it home safely from your trip. The photos you took of the boys are fantastic! You will be all manual all the time fairly soon! :)

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