Olympic mania

I LOVE the Olympics!  I remember always watching the Olympics growing up and being very excited about the opening ceremonies and seeing all the nations parade in and then eagerly cheering on the United States as they competed.  The last few Olympics have been rather anti-climatic for us mostly because of life events.  We were in France for the 2006 games and it was right after the boys were born and basically, I remember pretty much nothing from that time in my life except for the seemingly endless feedings.  Then, in 2008, we had gone back to France for a visit to our team while the Olympics were taking place and so we didn't watch much then either.  Now, here we are in 2010 and Micah is busy and so I have plenty of time for Olympic watching.  In celebration of the Opening Ceremonies last night, we had a little appetizer buffet picnic in the living room--little French bread pizzas, hummus, guacamole, and chips.  The boys loved it, Micah endured it, and I had a blast watching the sappy videos they put together to put you in the Olympic spirit.  We were so saddened by the death of the luge competitor from Georgia and found ourselves wondering how safe that sport is.  I am very excited about the next couple of weeks and the winter sports that I will be following closely!

In other news, William woke up this morning with some sort of stomach bug.  Except for the first time, we have made it to the bathroom every time for the expulsion of everything.  I feel badly for him, b/c it is pretty much dry heaves at this point.  He is precious though after every time telling me that his stomach feels happy again.  Right now, he is laying on my lap on the couch watching TV.  Looks like we will be here for a day or so.

I have hardly gotten to scrap this week, but here are a couple of layouts from last week:


Amy said…
I'm so excited about the Olympics, too! I wish we could watch the ice skating together. I'll never forget when we went to the US Championships...oh so long ago!

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