Random things

I have several things that I have been wanting to add in here--some of them for several weeks, just haven't taken the time to do it, so today I thought I would bring a bullet point list of my random thoughts.
  • The boys are definitely feeling Micah's absence.  Yesterday, Xavier and I were sitting at the piano in our room and I see William out of the corner of my eye, pick up a framed picture of Micah and I that I had sitting on the floor (because it had moved from it's place and I hadn't decided where it was to go) and set it up and sit and look at it and then lean over and kiss his daddy's face and lean back and say, "I love you, Daddy."  It kind of broke my heart a bit..
  • The boys have taken to telling Micah good night and goodbye at night before they go to bed.  Sweet and sad, huh?
  • This is a post by Beth Moore from a few weeks ago that is a bit long, but definitely worth the read.  I, of course, resonated with it more than some will, but I appreciated so much her heart and thoughts behind it.
  • This is another post that is not necessarily inspirational, but if you have ever spent time on the phone dealing with Internet/satellite/phone issues, it will bring a smile to your face.
  • This has nothing to do with anything, but have any of you noticed that Arbys is now selling Southwest Asian Wraps?  every time I drive by one and see the sign, I just think it sound so bizarre.
  • Yesterday, I managed to do the 30 day Shred again and the boys completely crack me up because we are all assigned 'roles' to copy the people on the DVD.  William always plays Jillian and comes around and checks everyone's form. I get to be the woman in blue and Xavier is the woman in green (who he calls Grandma! since we did this video with my mom at Christmas time).
  • I do try to limit the boys' television time, not that you would know it from these next two videos of them singing the theme songs from Word World and Dinosaur Train--I have no idea how they pick this stuff up, but it completely cracks me up.  
  • Here is William with WordWorld (at the time of this recording, I really think he had only seen it a handful of times)
  • Here is Xavier with Dinosaur Train--make sure you stay til the end, it is hilarious:
  • Finally, this last one is for Miss Heidi at church.  The boys are singing a song from the Living Christmas Tree back in December and honestly, they only heard this song by the ensemble at church once or twice during dress rehearsals and then the performance that they went to.  When they broke into it the other night, I couldn't believe it and had to ask Miss Heidi the children's pastor if they had been showing videos of it, but they have not, apparently my boys are musical geniuses!
  • And finally one last picture.....the boys LOVE character shirts of any kind, you know the slightly obnoxious ones that are covered in plastic.  I personally do not love them.  But, they were out with their grandmother the other day and she found these Star Wars shirts on sale at Penneys and they loved them and so she bought them for them.  I have decided that I made a genius decision to let them wear them to bed and so they now think they are pajamas and are quite eager to wear them every single night.  I took this picture of them last night:

Notice William's slightly matches at least in color, but Xavier's....wow!!  He was quite pleased to be wearing his Bed Bug pants though!  Sweet boys!

Happy Tuesday


Melissa said…
Oh.my.stars. They just never stop moving! :)
Amy said…
They are such characters! I just love when you post videos and I always get totally cracked up. They are so precious!
Monica said…
:) Just how much coffee do you feed the boys? Great videos!

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