Same story, different day

Do you ever feel like you are constantly having to be reminded of the same things?  Somedays, I wonder if my thick skull will ever quite grasp certain spiritual truths and that I won't have to be reminded so often of them.  Our Thursday morning Bible Study has started a new study based on the Deeper Still conferences by Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, and Kaye Arthur.  The book is Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed: A Study of David.  We are just into the second week and for the most part, it has been good, but I haven't loved it like I have loved some of the other Bible studies that we have done.  Then, this morning, I am working on my lesson and it is about being disappointed/frustrated with where life has put you and for the first page and a half, I am thinking that I am good (that was probably my first problem!).  My life certainly has not ended up where I thought that it would, and while I have been disappointed and sad about that, I also don't feel like I have been disappointed with God or angry at Him for that fact--does that make sense?  I don't think that I am deluding myself when I say that those are two different issues in my mind.  So, then, I come to this sentence in the study:  "Whatever your life entails right now--no matter how far removed it seems from what you expected--He has anointed you and divinely equipped you to not merely handle it, but to thrive in it."  I often don't feel very divinely equipped to be a mom, to work the job that I am working, to be a wife to a medical school student, but the truth is that we have been given 'everything that we need for life and godliness' (I Pet 1:3) and on my own, I am not divinely equipped, but through the power of His Holy Spirit working in me, I am not just able to fulfill the tasks given to me in this season of my life, but I am able to thrive, to do them well, to honor God with the results.  It was such a good reminder to me.  I know that God has brought us where we are for a reason; we have clearly seen His hand working in our lives.  So why do I often live as if I am struggling to make it through the days?  Lord, forgive me, and help me to see You in the every day moments and even when I don't see Your plan, help me to live with the confidence and knowledge that there is a plan, because that, after all, is what faith is.


Melissa said…
Can I just remind you that you never sent me this picture of the 2 of us!
Monica said…
thriving, soaring, running, those things often don't match our "mundane" lives, do they? Great post and reminder Becky! Where are you working?

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