Sunday pics

Not long after I posted yesterday morning, I found out that my meeting in the afternoon was cancelled and since the roads were still somewhat sketchy and we would have had to take 2 vehicles into Tulsa, we decided to stay local and go to a church here in town where our friend is the pastor. It was a really wonderful service and good teaching and we were both thankful that we had the opportunity to go.  Micah's parents decided to go ahead and take the boys for the afternoon and I am not going to lie, it was absolutely wonderful to have the house to myself, it was quiet and peaceful. I finished reading this book, which is excellent and I highly highly recommend, spent some time working on the boys pictures from their first year, folded clothes, straightened the house, edited pictures, and even scrapped some.  

Last week was a kind of rough week for me in a lot of ways, for reasons I am still not sure of, but I am starting this week more focused and determined to make a better go of it all.  Here are some pictures from yesterday morning that completely cracked me up.  The last couple of days, the boys have been lining up all of their toys on the counter in the kitchen and singing to them. I couldn't help but take some pictures of them yesterday morning.  And yes, we let them pick out their own pajamas, and no, William's do not match!

This one might be my favorite, b/c it completely captures their personalities!

They love their Grandma Linda, but don't often sit still for a picture, but this one turned out pretty sweet!

Can you believe it is February already?  I can't, but I am kind of thankful that January is over--it isn't really my favorite month.  I always seem to go through a sort of funk and I don't love that, so I am ready for a new month.  We are maybe headed to a playdate this morning and then work work work!  Micah has his first test of the semester this morning, so he has been a bit stressed about that, but I know that he will do well, and I also know that he would appreciate any little prayers on his behalf this morning.


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