So, remember how I was talking about how I was having such a hard time being motivated? Well, that theme has continued for the last couple of days. I have actually accomplished some things, but have felt way too much time just procrastinating and not wanting to do anything.

Thursday night was my monthly young survivors meeting and we had a new lady come. It is one of those meetings that you don't want to be excited that anyone is coming to, and I am never glad that anyone has to join our 'club', but I am always thankful when I can see how helpful it is to them to walk into a room where there are other young women who have faced breast cancer and have survived and are gaining their lives back.

Last night, a friend invited me to join her and her daughter and go to the Casting Crowns concert here in Tulsa. Micah and I had gone to one of their concerts a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it and I was quite excited to go. I just really love their music and lyrics and there wasn't a song that they sang that Angela and I didn't turn to each other and say, 'oh, I just love this song!'

Today has been another slacker day...isn't that what Saturdays are supposed to be? Micah got up this morning at 2:50 AM--yes, you read that right, two fifty in the morning/middle of the night! He was volunteering at the Oklahoma Mission of Mercy taking patient histories and blood pressures. He was there for 3 1/2 hours before heading to school to study for a test on Monday. It is now 8:45 and he is still studying. He really enjoyed volunteering this morning, but I am feeling pretty bad for him because he is so tired!

A couple of layouts I finished for new releases this week:


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