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What I'm Reading

Remember that post back at the beginning of the year where I talked about goals for 2010?  Well, I am feeling pretty good about the reading aspect of those goals.  I have been trying to set aside a little bit of time each day just for shutting everything out and reading.  So, I thought I would share just a little about the books that I have been reading.

I know that I have mentioned this before, and it technically shouldn't count among this list, but I seriously just love it so much--The Jesus Storybook Bible.   It is absolutely precious.  We have made through for the first time and have already started it again.  I think one of the things that I love about it is how it doesn't really gloss over stuff.  It isn't one big happy story, this Bible we love so much.  Oh, the whole of the book is beautiful and good, but there are people in it and we as humans have not always obeyed God and because we haven't obeyed God, there are consequences.  But over and over, this is the …

Catching Up

I haven't really had a hard time sleeping lately, I just have found myself staying up late.  Partly because Micah has been gone until late several night lately and I don't really like going to bed when he is still gone studying.  I just feel badly for him.  I know that it can NOT be fun to spend hours upon hours studying stuff.  Have I mentioned recently how proud I am of him and how well he is doing?  He only has 5 weeks left before finals.  It hardly seems possible that he is almost finished with his very first year of med school.  Remember back when we were all praying so hard for him to pass his MCAT and then to get an interview and then for a spot to open up since he was on the wait list?  God answered so many prayers to get him here and here we are almost through his first year.  He has a neuro test on Tuesday and so he has spent an unbelievable amount of time studying for it.  

On Saturday, the boys and I went in to town to meet up with Steve my coffee dealer so that he…

Wednesday's Words

This is what I heard at dinner today:
"Mommy, you the best" "this is the best dinner ever" (we had french bread pizzas with carrot and celery sticks) "it's time for Xavier Power" (this is the first time I have heard this one and it completely cracked me up!!) "umm...the X ones don't care for celery, just the W ones" "mommy, you the best" "mommy, you the best" "take my pitcher, mommy, can I take your pitcher?"
Of course, I managed to take a few pictures with my new 'toy' and I am in love with it.  These are just straight out of the camera, with no processing on them.
It kills me how grown up they look here:

Coffee and camera

I think that a couple of weeks ago I mentioned about an opportunity to do some extra work from home and make a bit of extra money.  I thought I would give a bit of the backstory on that.  For those of you who don't know, about 18 months ago Micah and I started roasting our own coffee beans.  We have been pretty hardcore in the coffee department for a while and when we talked to some other friends and also my uncle about coffee and started thinking about it, we decided to give it a try.  It is definitely an adventure and we made our share of burned beans, but in the process, we discovered just how great/wonderful/delicious/amazing fresh roasted coffee beans could be.  For a while, we were ordering from a company called sweetmarias and I would generally make a fairly large order just so that I didn't have to pay for shipping too often, but had been on the hunt for a local place where I could buy from just so I didn't have to pay for shipping.  Through a roundabout way, I got…


I meant to update my blog all weekend and just never got around to it.

Last week, I had been telling the boys that when we had a nice day that we would go to the zoo.  My plan was really two fold.  First of all, they do love to go to the zoo and so I wanted to take them, but it was also time to renew our membership and if you did it last week, then there was a discount.  So, I thought I might as well kill two birds with one stone and save a couple of dollars at the same time.  Thursday ended up being the day that looked like it was going to be nice enough for a zoo trip.  Well....apparently everyone else in Tulsa thought that it would be a great idea as well because it was a madhouse.  It was also a beautiful day and spring break, so I should have expected it, but it was insane.  We stayed for about two hours (which is really about all of the zoo that I can take) and when we were leaving, it took forever to get out of the parking lot, there were no parking spots left, everyone had bee…

Thankful Thursday


Good day

It is always a good day when you get a call from your oncologist's office telling you that your PET scan report came in and it was all clear.  I was expecting that call, and I fully expected that to be the report, but I have to say that it is always nice to get confirmation.

It is also a good day when you hear that you are getting a good tax refund and so you get to hit the order button on that camera upgrade that you have been eyeing.

Good days also sometimes include going to church and hearing about how God is working all over the world, about how literally the blind were made to see (through cataract surgery), the lame were made to walk (or move about through these amazing PET machines), and those who didn't know the Lord were made alive through Him.

It is a good day when you sleep until 8 AM--that practically never happens at our house.

A good day has a good cup of coffee and another and another and another.

Good days include lots of hugs, kisses, and "mommy, I love…


This time change is killing me!!  First, we about overslept for church on Sunday--we made it on time, but it was close.  Then, yesterday I left the house at 6:45 for my PET scan which you know 'felt' like 5:45 and I felt like I was going to fall asleep while driving the entire trip in.  This morning, we all slept in again, not too late, but almost 8 AM--which for us is VERY late.  It is now 10:17 and I am still struggling to get moving.  Every year when the time change comes around, I start to feel a bit older.  When I was in college working at the bank, people would come in all the time and complain about the time change and how it was killing them.  I was always thinking, 'seriously, it is an hour, what is the big deal?'  So, now I am officially one of those people--it is an hour of my life that I will never get back....unless you count the fall when we all gain an extra hour, but right now that seems very far away.

I have to say that I love Micah being on spring bre…


I am up and about to be out the door early this morning.  I am having my annual PET scan this morning and then have an errand or two to run before getting back home and doing some work.  This scan is not because of any problems that I have been having, it is just the annual scan that we have been doing to make sure that there is still no cancer.  I can tell that Micah and I both are getting more comfortable (if that is the right word) with our 'fear' of recurrence, because the thought of this pending scan has honestly not seemed to affect us at all.  Now, I am not promising that we won't be waiting somewhat eagerly/anxiously to hear the results tomorrow, but I have to say that it is nice to be at a place where it doesn't occupy our thoughts twenty four hours a day.

perfect day

Seriously, yesterday was wonderful.  Micah doesn't have classes this week because of spring break, but he is planning on still keeping school hours for the most part.  But, yesterday was his designated day off with no studying, no responsibilities, nothing educational!  It was so nice, we took it easy in the morning, ran some errands, and ended up having friends over for dinner.  Before they got there, I was cooking and I couldn't figure out why it was exceptionally enjoyable, and I realized that Micah was outside playing with the boys and for all intents and purposes, I was cooking uninterrupted and it was heavenly.  I know that tomorrow morning, reality will come crashing back down, but for yesterday and today, it was really nice!

A winner!

Happy Friday!

I am back with a winner to my little giveaway:

Congratulations, farfalla!!! Please email me at mbderby1 AT gmail DOT com.
Thanks for playing, ladies!

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for....

springlike weather, although it is supposed to get cold this weekend, but can I just say that me and my hot flashes are thankful not to have to wear a coat! :)that my boys are feeling better after their shots.  Let's just say that Xavier is a bit whiny when he doesn't feel well.that Micah has most likely by now finished up his last test before spring break which starts at noon tomorrow!  for the reminder in this post of the power of Scripture and the strength we can find from it.for coffee and for a potential opportunity to earn a bit of money while indulging in my love of coffee (more on this in another post!)how much my boys like music--it is seriously cute watching them dance!What are you thankful for today?

1 mommy, 2 boys, 8 shots

Yesterday was the boys' four year old wellness visit.  I actually think that the last time that we were at the doctor's office was for their 3 year old visit, so that makes me feel pretty good.  For the most part, they are pretty healthy for which I am very thankful.  Anyway, for some reason, I was thinking that they weren't getting any vaccinations this year, but at the end of our visit, our doctor mentioned that that was all we had left and that these shots tended to be fairly traumatic especially since one was going to have to watch the other one.  I had done absolutely nothing to prepare them and so immediately started promising Happy Meals and a visit to the playland at McDonalds if they could be very very brave, which they were, right up to the point, the needle went into their legs--four times for each child.  The nurse was amazingly quick about it, but poor Xavier starts screaming, "ouchie, ouchie, that hurt me!"  Fortunately, it could have been much wors…

A fun giveaway!!

About a year ago, I started following a fellow scrapper's blog--Fabulous Adventures of Listgirl--and somewhere along the way, I started commenting on her blog and she would comment on mine and we developed this friendship.  She and her husband live in San Diego and although we have never met in real life, we have decided that we could be real life friends.  She and her husband love to cook and then post really cool pictures of what they cook and fun new restaurants that they visit.  They are runners and I am always amazed at their dedication to get up and run almost every Saturday morning with their running group.  You should definitely check out her blog to see some amazing scenery that they get to see every week.  A few months ago, Christine started designing and has recently opened up shop at Little Dreamer Designs as well as selling at her own blog store.  I have always been a fan of her scrapping and I love that she is designing now.  Anyway, yesterday, she released this very…

Ten Things

So, a few days ago, I got a comment on a post from a fellow blogger friend saying that she had left a little award for me on her blog. I went to check it out and found this:

Now, in the spirit of being honest, I don't always play along with games maybe because I am a spoilsport or because I always score low in the 'play' section of personality questionnaires, but I decided that this one might be fun to play along with. So, here goes:

Ten True Things (about me that you may or may not know already):

1.  I am a 32 year old mother to twin four year old boys. I work from home for my father in law doing administrative/bookkeeping things for his anesthesia group.

2.  I took piano lessons for 13 years and own a digital piano that unfortunately gets used not nearly often enough.

3.  I love coffee, I really love coffee, I really really really love coffee! and was thrilled to read last week that  those who drink 3-5 cups daily have reduced risk of dementia--that is why I drink coffee…

Pictures--a few or fifty! :)



So, I have discovered a couple of things about myself and blogging:
1.  not blogging regularly stresses me out
2.  blogging regularly kind of stresses me out
3.  if I am not blogging regularly, chances are I am stressed about something completely unrelated to blogging, but the prospect of not blogging about what I am stressed about causes me stress because I don't want to be 'fake' and pretend like nothing is wrong when it is, but then I don't want to go all crazy blogging about stuff that a.) I should just get over anyway or b.) isn't really for all the world to read.

If you hung with me through that last part, then good for you and maybe you ought to be reading something that is a little more stimulating to your intellect!

This last week has seemed like forever long to me.  On Friday, I was talking to my sister about something and feeling like it had been so long since we left her house and I realized that just a week earlier is when we had left her house for the…

February recap

I wanted to make sure I sat down and wrote some thoughts from February.  It seemed like it went by really fast and was extra busy for some crazy reason.

Highlights from our February:

The boys have spent HOURS this month drawing, coloring, trying to write their names or anything else. I am constantly amazed at how much their little minds take in and how they are able to learn things that I am not necessarily teaching them.  I found some workbooks on sale at Walmart that I am planning to start working on with them since they are showing such an interest.  It is easy to feel a ton of pressure to be doing some serious 'homework' with them teaching them how to write their names and all of their letters, but then I also struggle with the fact that they are FOUR and that they don't have to write their names right now, you know?  So, anyway, my balance has been that if they are wanting to learn something then I am going to teach what I can without putting undue pressure on my four…