1 mommy, 2 boys, 8 shots

Yesterday was the boys' four year old wellness visit.  I actually think that the last time that we were at the doctor's office was for their 3 year old visit, so that makes me feel pretty good.  For the most part, they are pretty healthy for which I am very thankful.  Anyway, for some reason, I was thinking that they weren't getting any vaccinations this year, but at the end of our visit, our doctor mentioned that that was all we had left and that these shots tended to be fairly traumatic especially since one was going to have to watch the other one.  I had done absolutely nothing to prepare them and so immediately started promising Happy Meals and a visit to the playland at McDonalds if they could be very very brave, which they were, right up to the point, the needle went into their legs--four times for each child.  The nurse was amazingly quick about it, but poor Xavier starts screaming, "ouchie, ouchie, that hurt me!"  Fortunately, it could have been much worse and we made it out and went to McDonalds where they played for about an hour and I sat and read the newspaper, it honestly was maybe the most peaceful hour of my day.  I am feeling pretty sad for them this morning though, because you can tell that their legs are really sore as they are hobbling around.  They both keep declaring that their shots are hurting and they never want shots ever again.  I think that shots the next time around are going to be much more of an ordeal since they will probably remember this.

Anyway, here is what they are doing right now:

...all curled up on my bed watching a movie with all their comfort things piled around them!

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listgirl said…
Hi Becky! I hope your boys feel better from their shots soon! At least they have Curious George to keep them company. He's my favorite!

Thanks for doing the giveaway on your blog!

Oh and come see my blog for my 10 honest things x 2 post today!

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