So, I have discovered a couple of things about myself and blogging:
1.  not blogging regularly stresses me out
2.  blogging regularly kind of stresses me out
3.  if I am not blogging regularly, chances are I am stressed about something completely unrelated to blogging, but the prospect of not blogging about what I am stressed about causes me stress because I don't want to be 'fake' and pretend like nothing is wrong when it is, but then I don't want to go all crazy blogging about stuff that a.) I should just get over anyway or b.) isn't really for all the world to read.

If you hung with me through that last part, then good for you and maybe you ought to be reading something that is a little more stimulating to your intellect!

This last week has seemed like forever long to me.  On Friday, I was talking to my sister about something and feeling like it had been so long since we left her house and I realized that just a week earlier is when we had left her house for the eternal trip back to Oklahoma.  I have done a ton of catching up on the laundry and work issues that had kind of piled up while we were gone.  Micah has been virtually MIA because of school and studying and the boys' energy seems to exponentially increase as the days go by.  We did have some really beautiful days toward the end of the week and on Friday we spent several hours outside with the boys riding their bikes up and down the sidewalk in front of our house.  Friday also included a massive plumbing issue that required calling a plumber and while I am so thankful that we were able to call a plumber who was there within a couple of hours, I do admit to having a slight breakdown about the whole deal.  You see, while I tend to be pretty much of the mindset that 'women are just as capable as men', I also feel like some things just are more of the man's responsibility (i.e. taking out the trash and yard work), and yes, I completely see the sexism in that statement, but I really don't care right now.  Anyway, dealing with all things 'house repair-ish' definitely falls into the man's responsibility in my mind.  But, you know what?  On Friday, it fell into my lap and let me be the first to tell you that I had a small meltdown and might have thrown a little fit in my mind about having to deal with it, but once that was over, I was able to call a plumber and he came and fixed it.  Micah got home from school and immediately helped me clean up the massive disgusting mess--fortunately, it was kitchen mess and not bathroom mess.  And today, I am feeling rather silly that it was as traumatic for me as it was, because seriously, compared to most of the world's population, I live like a queen and I need to learn to always remember that--in every situation.  I do know that the Lord is helping me to work on many of these things and at times, I can see baby steps in the right direction--unfortunately, Friday was not one of those days.

So, today I am sitting here knowing that I should blog, but feeling like where will I start? I don't know what I should write about, I don't want to just complain, but it has been a rough week, etc, etc. Anyway, I haven't had much extra time this week for just sitting and getting thoughts out.  It has been busy with house stuff, work stuff,  my processing of church stuff, and just trying to make it through the day stuff.

I have hardly scrapped this week and so don't have anything to show you.  I am working on taking pictures outside in manual mode, which is apparently a separate beast from inside pictures, and I have yet to take them off the camera.  The boys will be up soon from their nap and I have promised to take them to their grandparents house to ride their ATVs that they got for Christmas since it is so beautiful outside.  Here is to a better week!


Honesty always reminds your readers that "Hey, she's just like me." It's comforting to realize that we all fall down. It makes it easier for us to get back up when we see that someone else did. Here's to a better week. (And, I SOOOO agree about the house repair stuff seems like a guy thing. I have had those same, dare I say, resentful feelings when I have had to deal with it in my husband's absence!)
LaCombe said…
I am so happy to know that I am not the only one that has meld downs when Ifeel that a man should do what I am having to do, but later after it is said and done, I think, wow, I got through it and I am alive and happy, ha, must be that God person that straightened me up and made me realize that I can do anything and to rejoice and be glad that I can. Funny how He Works in us. Great pictures of the boys! They are so Handsome and Happy Boys and you are very blessed. I Pray for you and the boys with Micah being gone so much, but know that God is with you and when school is done and you have a great Doctor that can help others, it will all be worth it. Love ya Becky. Need a vacation, come to Sunny Florida for a visit. Would love to have you!
listgirl said…
I enjoy reading your blog a lot, probably because you do keep it real. I've toyed with the thought of starting a private blog (invitation reader only) for those days where I want to write about what's REALLY on my heart or what I'm really struggling with. Everything on my listgirl blog is real, it's just not everything, LOL. I omit a lot.

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