Catching Up

I haven't really had a hard time sleeping lately, I just have found myself staying up late.  Partly because Micah has been gone until late several night lately and I don't really like going to bed when he is still gone studying.  I just feel badly for him.  I know that it can NOT be fun to spend hours upon hours studying stuff.  Have I mentioned recently how proud I am of him and how well he is doing?  He only has 5 weeks left before finals.  It hardly seems possible that he is almost finished with his very first year of med school.  Remember back when we were all praying so hard for him to pass his MCAT and then to get an interview and then for a spot to open up since he was on the wait list?  God answered so many prayers to get him here and here we are almost through his first year.  He has a neuro test on Tuesday and so he has spent an unbelievable amount of time studying for it.  

On Saturday, the boys and I went in to town to meet up with Steve my coffee dealer so that he could show me how to roast on the big commercial coffee roaster.  Let me tell you, it was lots of fun!  We roasted 3 different batches of coffee. I watched on the first two and then I did it all on my own (well, with him watching and advising) on the last batch.  I came home with a massive bag of coffee from my very first roast--pretty fun, if I do say so! :)  I am going again on Tuesday night to get some more practice in.

It is supposed to be really beautiful this week, so I am hoping to get a trip in to the zoo and I figure that there will be lots of playing outside as well--which means lots of practice with the camera for me.

I am thinking that this may be the most boring post ever, so here are a few layouts that I managed to get done in the last few days--some of the benefits to those late nights, I guess.  We had a great day at church today and then small group tonight.  I feel like there has been much that I have been mulling over lately and maybe I can verbalize it soon in the form of a blog post.  God has just been good and I am so thankful for His work in our lives.


Monica said…
LOVE the picture with the action figures! That is precious! And I'm finding the whole coffee bean thing quite interesting! This wasn't a boring blog at all!
listgirl said…
My work won't let me see the pictures, LOL.

That's really cool you got to roast coffee. Isn't the smell amazing? My neighbor usually does it Sunday afternoons so that he can bring it to work on Monday to sell. So I always expect to smell his roasting on Sundays.
LOCIO said…
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