Coffee and camera

I think that a couple of weeks ago I mentioned about an opportunity to do some extra work from home and make a bit of extra money.  I thought I would give a bit of the backstory on that.  For those of you who don't know, about 18 months ago Micah and I started roasting our own coffee beans.  We have been pretty hardcore in the coffee department for a while and when we talked to some other friends and also my uncle about coffee and started thinking about it, we decided to give it a try.  It is definitely an adventure and we made our share of burned beans, but in the process, we discovered just how great/wonderful/delicious/amazing fresh roasted coffee beans could be.  For a while, we were ordering from a company called sweetmarias and I would generally make a fairly large order just so that I didn't have to pay for shipping too often, but had been on the hunt for a local place where I could buy from just so I didn't have to pay for shipping.  Through a roundabout way, I got in touch with a local man who along with his wife had started a coffee roasting business.  He was more than happy to be my supplier and every couple of months, I would call him up and go and meet him in the parking lot of his company (he has another full time job) where we would make the "exchange" always joking about how he was handing me a bag of coffee beans and I was handing him money--our little drug deal, so to speak.  I took to calling him my dealer when I described him to anyone--it was all just kind of humorous.  Anyway, this has been going on for several months now and he has now grown their business and are adding other things in addition to roasting coffee beans.  So, a few weeks ago, I had contacted him about needing some more beans and in the process, we got to talking about how fast his business was growing and how I worked from home and would I be interested in maybe helping him out doing some office stuff, returning phone calls, ordering, etc.  And now, I am starting to help him out a bit, doing some roasting of samples here at home, and helping with ordering products that he supplies to coffee shops.  It has been lots of fun learning more about it and I have to say that I am looking forward to making a bit of extra money while doing something that I really enjoy.  Anyway, all of that to say that tonight I am going to a small coffee shop here in Tulsa where we are going to be doing a "cupping"--it is this manner of tasting different kinds of coffee, similar to a wine tasting I am learning, but with coffee.  Let's just be honest and say that I have no idea what I am doing, but I think it is going to be fun.

So that is the coffee part, the camera part is that my beautiful new Nikon D90 is on a UPS truck as I write this on its way to my house.  I am so very excited about this, I can't even say.  I can't promise that I will be taking pictures of the coffee adventure tonight, but I will definitely be playing over the next few days.


renee82 said…
Okay, the whole coffee thing is sooo very cool! What a neat opportunity you've got! I guess you weren't kidding when you told me you were a coffee snob! lol! And YAY for the new camera! Enjoy!
Coffee is a relatively new love in my life. I have been seriously drinking it for only about two years. I think your new venture sounds like lots of fun.
LaCombe said…
Wow, we love coffee and I would love to be able to roast my own bean. I have ground my own, but never even thought about roasting my own. Can I purchase some from you, already roasted? Have a wonderful week! Blessings and Love, Kathy
Monica said…
While I'm not a coffee drinker, I think this is the perfect job for you, and I think it's hysterically funny that you have a dealer! And though I'm woefully ignorant on such matters, I would imagine a coffee tasting can be as unique as the owners...make it your own!
The Morgans said…
Your little "habit" sounds quite serious. I think you've been addicted since the 9th grade! It makes me think of Mrs. Bray for some reason.
Best Wishes, April, coffee-free for 31 years
listgirl said…
It is always a blessing when you can make some money doing what you love! Sounds like the beginning of a great thing!

And a new camera? That's totally awesome. I can't wait to see some photos!

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