February recap

I wanted to make sure I sat down and wrote some thoughts from February.  It seemed like it went by really fast and was extra busy for some crazy reason.

Highlights from our February:

  • The boys have spent HOURS this month drawing, coloring, trying to write their names or anything else. I am constantly amazed at how much their little minds take in and how they are able to learn things that I am not necessarily teaching them.  I found some workbooks on sale at Walmart that I am planning to start working on with them since they are showing such an interest.  It is easy to feel a ton of pressure to be doing some serious 'homework' with them teaching them how to write their names and all of their letters, but then I also struggle with the fact that they are FOUR and that they don't have to write their names right now, you know?  So, anyway, my balance has been that if they are wanting to learn something then I am going to teach what I can without putting undue pressure on my four year old.  If you know me, then you know that dealing with small children is not necessarily my strong trait and so I struggle with trying to decide if my 'not wanting to put pressure on them' is actually me just not wanting to work with them...(not sure when my recap turned into a therapy session either!)...anyway, I don't want to be putting them off when I really need to be working with them, but if they have no interest, I don't want to be forcing them to sit and write the alphabet either.  I guess it is finding the balance between encouraging your children and having too high of expectations.
  • This semester is shaping up to be pretty difficult for Micah. He is definitely away from the house more and is feeling the pressure of his difficult studies.  The boys and I are working to be flexible and enjoy the few minutes that we get with him.  The boys have also taken to telling him goodnight and goodbye at night before they go to bed.
  • They have memorized through the letter F in their Bible Memorization book.  It certainly brings me great joy to hear them reciting God's Word and it also is so good to help reinforce what we are trying to teach them as well as reminding me of where my heart should be as well.
  • The boys and I took a fun 8 day trip to Missouri where we spent the night with Jill and the girls, then headed to my grandparents house and celebrated my other grandmother's 75th birthday with lots and lots of family and then it was on to my sister's house in Nashville where we spent five days. It was a 'perfect' trip in many ways, I got to see and spend time with some of my close friends in Nashville, but was able to really enjoy my sisters and family time.  
  • And the Olympics....what can I say? I love to watch them and I can never really decide which is my favorite, the summer or winter!   I spent many quality hours and stayed up late many nights watching to see my favorite sports and events.  Spending the second week at my sister's house made it just that much more enjoyable as well as we cheered on all of the athletes together.
  • The other big event in our lives this month was the very difficult decision to  begin attending a different church.  There were a lot of reasons and much prayer and time that went into this decision and I can only say that it has been very heartbreaking. While I know that we made the right decision before the Lord, it doesn't change the fact that my heart breaks a bit every time I hear my boys talk about 'their church'--which is often, because we were there often.  I had made some very dear friendships at this church and while I know that we will still be friends, I also know that we saw each other mostly at church and that facilitates maintaining those friendships and so it will be difficult in that regard as well.  I know that God will lead us to the right place for us and there will be new opportunities for service, but have I mentioned that I don't like change?  
Well, here is to March and hopefully the spring weather that it will be bringing!

In my new obsession to take good pictures with my camera, here are a few more from today as well as a couple of layouts.

It got a little blown out on the edge, but look at that sweet boy.

This just completely captures Xavier to me--silly boy!

Yes, I know I cut off his head, but look at those sweet eyes!
William LOVING his Ramen noodle soup at lunch--and yes, he is still wearing his pajamas! LOL


    Reading someone else's "therapy" notes helps me feel more normal. Thanks for keeping things so real. I think you have the right approach about to teach or not to teach the boys. There is a lot of pressure to excel for little kids. So what if someone's kid can write their name and count in four languages? Can they play and imagine and entertain themselves and their friends? If the answer is no to that one, big deal. Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to turn your therapy session into my soap box.

    I left an award for you on my blog. Check it out.
    Amy said…
    February flew by to me, too! You really had a busy month but I'm so glad you got to go on your trip. It came at just the right time! You are doing a wonderful job with the boys and this "teacher" agrees that it is okay to just let them be 4. There is plenty of time for school stuff! Still praying for you!
    Monica said…
    I LOVE the monster layout! That is too cute! And we'll be praying for you as take the unknown path in the Sundays ahead. We went through that about three years ago and it was tough. But I can assure you if the Spirit stirred your hearts to leave, He's guiding you to the place your family truly needs to be. And your boys will probably adjust faster than you will! :)
    listgirl said…
    I love the photos you are taking with the boys, they are really fantastic! I really enjoyed reading about your February. It reminded me that I need to do my Feb recap page. I had a tough time in February, it definitely was not my favorite month. Changing churches must be difficult, but sometimes you have to do what the Lord is leading you to do, and not what's the easiest or most popular. I hope you will begin to experience the fruit of your decision soon!

    I love those two pages! The monster one was super-cool and I just loved all the bright colors!
    LaCombe said…
    I am happy to know what your big decision ws last month and I feel your heartbreak, for since we left Nashville and TDF, we have not found a Church we call home yet, still searching, but know God will lead us to that Church. Great Pics of the boys! They are growing so fast and are so handsome and cute! Love ya Becky and Praying daily for you and your family, schooling and health.

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