A fun giveaway!!

About a year ago, I started following a fellow scrapper's blog--Fabulous Adventures of Listgirl--and somewhere along the way, I started commenting on her blog and she would comment on mine and we developed this friendship.  She and her husband live in San Diego and although we have never met in real life, we have decided that we could be real life friends.  She and her husband love to cook and then post really cool pictures of what they cook and fun new restaurants that they visit.  They are runners and I am always amazed at their dedication to get up and run almost every Saturday morning with their running group.  You should definitely check out her blog to see some amazing scenery that they get to see every week.  A few months ago, Christine started designing and has recently opened up shop at Little Dreamer Designs as well as selling at her own blog store.  I have always been a fan of her scrapping and I love that she is designing now.  Anyway, yesterday, she released this very fun alpha and posted it on her blog. I left her a comment telling her how much I loved it and then went about my day.  A few hours later, I went and picked up the alpha since I was still thinking about it.  When I went back to my email, I found a sweet note from Christine telling me she was sending me download links for her new alpha.  Since I now was the proud owner of two alphas, I asked her if she cared if I gave one away on the ol' blog.  So, I am hosting a little giveaway.

Here is a preview of the alpha and a layout I managed to get done this afternoon:

All you have to do is leave a comment and I will use random.org to choose a winner on Friday morning!


Amy said…
Oooh, Oooh, Oooh! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!!! :)
farfalla said…
Pick me too ;-)
Your Alpha are wonderful again!!
The coulor are a breath of spring...
LeahMarie said…
Cute stuff! I was actually going to ask you what sites you use to work on your scraps! I am just sort of getting started, so any input would be great!
Anonymous said…
You do a great job. The alpha is really cute!

Kristi Engle
Allison said…
hey Becky! I love your scrapping and you have inspired me. I want to get into this digital scrapping. I'm not ready yet but just wanted you to know. Any suggestions for getting started?
xoxo BTW, the boys are so cute. growing up fast!
Laurie said…
So cute! Now if only I had time to scrapbook! I don't know how you do it!
Jodi Govrik said…
I guess I can start "collecting" some stuff now! :-) Cute!

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