Good day

It is always a good day when you get a call from your oncologist's office telling you that your PET scan report came in and it was all clear.  I was expecting that call, and I fully expected that to be the report, but I have to say that it is always nice to get confirmation.

It is also a good day when you hear that you are getting a good tax refund and so you get to hit the order button on that camera upgrade that you have been eyeing.

Good days also sometimes include going to church and hearing about how God is working all over the world, about how literally the blind were made to see (through cataract surgery), the lame were made to walk (or move about through these amazing PET machines), and those who didn't know the Lord were made alive through Him.

It is a good day when you sleep until 8 AM--that practically never happens at our house.

A good day has a good cup of coffee and another and another and another.

Good days include lots of hugs, kisses, and "mommy, I love you"s.

Good days include a bit of time for scrapping, for spending with family, and of course, lots of work getting done.

Today--it was a good day!


listgirl said…
Oh Becky, it is SO good to hear about the clear PET scan! All of these things do make up a great day! I can only have one cup of coffee a day, and maybe even decaf at that! Too much caffeine triggers anxiety for me. :( But I did have freshly roasted decaf beans from my neighbor this morning. :)
Praise God for the good report! And how wonderful that He decided to just bless your whole day with goodness!
Amy said…
So thankful to hear about that clear PET scan! I can't wait to hear about that camera what are you gonna do with the old one? We're in the market for a good camera. :)
Melissa said…
You did have a good day!
Monica said…
WHOOOHOOOOO!!!! Good news from the doctor is always a wonderful feeling! And I'm glad the rest of your day went great as well!
LaCombe said…
You are so Very Blessed and I am so Very Happy for your Great Report! God is so Good! Love, Kathy

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