I meant to update my blog all weekend and just never got around to it.

Last week, I had been telling the boys that when we had a nice day that we would go to the zoo.  My plan was really two fold.  First of all, they do love to go to the zoo and so I wanted to take them, but it was also time to renew our membership and if you did it last week, then there was a discount.  So, I thought I might as well kill two birds with one stone and save a couple of dollars at the same time.  Thursday ended up being the day that looked like it was going to be nice enough for a zoo trip.  Well....apparently everyone else in Tulsa thought that it would be a great idea as well because it was a madhouse.  It was also a beautiful day and spring break, so I should have expected it, but it was insane.  We stayed for about two hours (which is really about all of the zoo that I can take) and when we were leaving, it took forever to get out of the parking lot, there were no parking spots left, everyone had been relegated to overflow parking, and there was a line all through the park out to the main road to get in--I was quite thankful that we were on our way out.

Friday, I ran errands (without the boys) and cleaned the house and we enjoyed an amazingly beautiful warm spring day.  It was literally in the 70s and Saturday, we woke up to sleet,  a blizzard, and a high of about 32. It snowed all day on Saturday and most of the night.  Sunday, they canceled one service of church and then in the afternoon the sun came out and melted a large part of the about 5 1/2 inches that we got over the weekend.  Of course, today it was beautiful again and tomorrow I think it is supposed to be in the seventies again.   Crazy Oklahoma weather!

This week, Micah is back to school (only six weeks left, can you believe it?) and well, my life doesn't change all that much!  I did get to scrap a bit:


Amy said…
The zoo sounds fun, except for the traffic part! I can't believe you got snow this weekend. That is definitely crazy weather. Maybe spring will eventually come and stay!

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