perfect day

Seriously, yesterday was wonderful.  Micah doesn't have classes this week because of spring break, but he is planning on still keeping school hours for the most part.  But, yesterday was his designated day off with no studying, no responsibilities, nothing educational!  It was so nice, we took it easy in the morning, ran some errands, and ended up having friends over for dinner.  Before they got there, I was cooking and I couldn't figure out why it was exceptionally enjoyable, and I realized that Micah was outside playing with the boys and for all intents and purposes, I was cooking uninterrupted and it was heavenly.  I know that tomorrow morning, reality will come crashing back down, but for yesterday and today, it was really nice!


Melissa said…
This has nothing to do with your perfect day, but Micah's hair looks long. LOL Glad you had a good day.
Monica said…
To cook if you add that with someone else cleaning up the kitchen that would be absolutely perfect! :)
And on the subject of Micah's hair, I was impressed by what a full head of hair he has. We started buzzing Bobby's a few years ago for convenience sake, and sometimes I miss the length.

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