Pictures--a few or fifty! :)

Check out that face!

He was so proud!

I love the twinkle in William's eye while Xavier clamps his hand around his mouth

seriously, do I have to say anything about that smile on Xavier's face?

Seriously love this picture!

a bit of drama for William

Do you think they are having fun?

Miraculously enough, they didn't crash!


Amy said…
It looks like they finally got the hang of riding their bikes. Mitchell and I were looking at these pics and got tickled at their elbow and knee pads...they're prepared for whatever! By the way, no matter how many times I tell Mitchell which one is which, he still thinks they're identical. I told him after you spend a week with them you definitely know which one is which! Those sweet faces are unforgetable!! :)
listgirl said…
Really awesome photos Becky! I love the expressions on the boys' faces in some of these. Great captures!

PS - my word verification is adective!

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