Ten Things

So, a few days ago, I got a comment on a post from a fellow blogger friend saying that she had left a little award for me on her blog. I went to check it out and found this:

Now, in the spirit of being honest, I don't always play along with games maybe because I am a spoilsport or because I always score low in the 'play' section of personality questionnaires, but I decided that this one might be fun to play along with. So, here goes:

Ten True Things (about me that you may or may not know already):

1.  I am a 32 year old mother to twin four year old boys. I work from home for my father in law doing administrative/bookkeeping things for his anesthesia group.

2.  I took piano lessons for 13 years and own a digital piano that unfortunately gets used not nearly often enough.

3.  I love coffee, I really love coffee, I really really really love coffee! and was thrilled to read last week that  those who drink 3-5 cups daily have reduced risk of dementia--that is why I drink coffee, so that I will keep my mind when I am old and gray!

4.  I once skipped class and called in 'sick' to work in college because my roomates and I decided to color our hair/highlight/not sure of the proper term, but basically, mine turned orange around the crown and we had to do some damage control the next day.

5.  I really don't love to exercise, but wish I was a runner.  When we first moved to France, my friend Dana and I used to go running together and I actually got to the point where I could run for a decent distance.  Unfortunately, we got busy with language school, Micah and I moved to a different apartment further away, and my running days were sadly over.

6.  I seriously think that my boys are the cutest things to ever hit planet earth!

7.  I currently own 43 cookbooks and that doesn't count the many cooking magazines, clipped recipes, or  binders of website printouts of recipes.

8.  Although I generally think I am fairly smart cookie, there is absolutely no way I could last in med school.  And I am so okay with that!  Just attempting to read a paragraph of Micah's notes and ask him questions to help him review makes my head hurt.

9.  I like to make my bed every day.  It makes me feel better about life.

10.  Small children in large quantities literally scare me!  This is why I could never be an elementary teacher.

So, there you have it..ten things about me.  I am passing this on to Melissa, Amy, Christine, Monica, Brian, and April.  I think, in theory, you are supposed to pass it on to 10 people, but I am maybe pushing my luck with these six! :)


See, it was fun thinking about yourself for a bit, wasn't it? I wish I was a runner to, but not enough to actually get out and run!
listgirl said…
You know I can't stay away from lists... my will come Weds... in a special edition!
I am a 34 year old mother to 4 year old twin boys:) Ain't it fun? Found your blog through Monica's. Actually, I am also mother to three beautiful girls- two with spina bifida. I love finding new blogs to read:)
LaCombe said…
Wow, now I know all about you! I do agree, you do have two beautiful boys! I was wondering what you did for work, now I know. Wish I had a job from home. I have a lot of ccokbooks and cut out recipes, but I don't like to cook, ha! Bake yes! You have a very Blessed life! God is so Good! Miss ya, love ya, Kathy

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