Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for....

  • springlike weather, although it is supposed to get cold this weekend, but can I just say that me and my hot flashes are thankful not to have to wear a coat! :)
  • that my boys are feeling better after their shots.  Let's just say that Xavier is a bit whiny when he doesn't feel well.
  • that Micah has most likely by now finished up his last test before spring break which starts at noon tomorrow!  
  • for the reminder in this post of the power of Scripture and the strength we can find from it.
  • for coffee and for a potential opportunity to earn a bit of money while indulging in my love of coffee (more on this in another post!)
  • how much my boys like music--it is seriously cute watching them dance!
What are you thankful for today?


Tia said…
A friend of mine has been dealing with major medical conditions with her infant granddaughter. So I am thankful for a healthy baby girl.
I am thankful for my daughter Blairs' new career-she is a Licensed Practical Nurse now!

I am thankful for a church family of women who love each other and have so much fun together.

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