Wednesday's Words

This is what I heard at dinner today:

"Mommy, you the best"
"this is the best dinner ever"
(we had french bread pizzas with carrot and celery sticks)
"it's time for Xavier Power"
(this is the first time I have heard this one and it completely cracked me up!!)
"umm...the X ones don't care for celery, just the W ones"
"mommy, you the best"
"mommy, you the best"
"take my pitcher, mommy, can I take your pitcher?"

Of course, I managed to take a few pictures with my new 'toy' and I am in love with it.  These are just straight out of the camera, with no processing on them.

It kills me how grown up they look here:


The pictures look great! And I love the idea of Xavier Power!
Melissa said…
That's some hair!

Glad you're liking the camera!
LaCombe said…
They are so Cute, Cute, Cute!!! What a Blessing!

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