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Warning: Scrapbooking Related Post

The next couple of days just might be all scrapbooking related posts, so if you could care less, please feel free to tune in next week!

Tomorrow, two of the awesome designers that I am on creative teams for have a collaboration project coming out and if you go here or here, you can have a chance to win it. But, you have to hurry, because they are closing the comments at midnight tonight!

Here is a sneak peak and be warned, it is way cute!!

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for....a sweet husband who has been by my side always and who is working so hard in school right nowfor sweet giggles and kisses and little boys who say, "I love the mess out of you!"for a mother in law who truly loves my boys and is willing to take them for a day for mefor some beautiful beautiful weather this week!Well, this weekend is fast approaching which means that it is almost interNational Scrapbooking Day (iNSD in scrapping circles).  This means tons of sales and lots of new products and I have been busy this week trying to keep up, but it helps when there is so much fun stuff out there.  If you are thinking about trying out digital scrapbooking, this weekend is definitely a good time to do so, because there are going to be TONS of sales and freebies. I am going to try to be good and link you up to some as well!

Tracie has a ton of things on sale at Scrap Orchard's Farmer's Market for only $1 including lots of kits, alphas, and templates.…


This week is going so much better than last week, I can hardly express just how thankful I am.  Today, we picked up my nephew from school and the boys enjoyed an afternoon playing with him.  I, on the other hand, know exactly why God gave us twins and not triplets!!  Three busy boys!
Just some snippets from today: This weekend is National Scrapbooking Day and so all of the designers that I create for have lots of fun stuff planned which means I have been doing a fair amount of scrapping, but can't share until the weekend!  This book came in the mail today and I unwrapped it and began to page through it and immediately teared up and set it aside for another day.  I got to enjoy an afternoon visit from a new friend.The 3 boys ran around the back yard playing sheriff and 'oppicers' (officers)--it was pretty funny!These are some pictures I took of the boys on Saturday before they left for the air show!

Incredible Hulk

I think Xavier might be a songwriter--this is completely new material, he didn't learn it anywhere and he does his own choreography (or'crashing' of his feet as he called it).

Tulsa Air Show

Last week, Micah's dad asked if the boys would like to go to the Tulsa Air Show that was happening on Saturday.  Although they had never been to an air show, I was pretty certain that they would enjoy it. It also worked out well for me since I had a baby shower to attend.  The plan was for me to join them in the afternoon, with Micah studying all day long--finals are almost upon him, so he is in all study, all the time mode!
By the time I got there, I ended up having to walk about  3/4 mile after parking, which wouldn't have been so bad had I not worn my "comfortable, yet cute, but not made for walking 3/4 mile" shoes.  So, I am sporting a few blisters today.  I think that most of the fun show stuff had already happened by the time I arrived, but I managed to get some sweet pics of the boys with their cousin.  They just love playing together, he is a year older than they are and they always have a great time playing together.  I also think they may have been a bit &qu…

a little scrap therapy

One of the things I love about scrapping is that it really is a creative outlet for me. Lately, I have found myself going back and scrapping some of those pictures from when I was going through treatment or difficult days.  Today marks three years since I was diagnosed and it has been both good and hard to reflect on life.  There was a challenge at the Hodge Podge Art blog to scrap a page with the journaling, "today, I am..." It was good therapy for me today.

Friday Night

At the beginning of last week,  we had an email in our inbox advertising an event that was happening last night for Komen.  It was Professional Bull Riding.  They said that they had 25 pairs of tickets reserved for breast cancer survivors.  If you were interested, send an email.  I sent an email. I got tickets.  That is pretty much how that happened.  
I had planned to drag Micah knowing that that it would literally be dragging him and that he would have little to no interest in going, but that I was also due for a night out and how can you beat free tickets to professional bull riding?  Instead, I ended up asking one of his classmates that I have gotten to be friends with and Micah watched the boys. 
 I am not current on the whole bull riding circuit, but apparently these 40 or so cowboys do this like every weekend, traveling to different cities, attempting to stay on a bucking bull for 8 seconds and not get killed.  My friend Kari and I had gone to one of these in Nashville during col…

Thankful Thursday ....or Friday

To be honest, I am not feeling very thankful at the moment. It has been one of those weeks with what feels like many days like this one.  So, I decided that since I was kind of writing this post in my head all day yesterday with the grand plans to actually write it after the boys went to bed, but those plans were derailed by a not very pretty scene with the boys that involved a bit of yelling on my part, constant wiggling and running around on their part and ending with tears of frustration on my part.  Then, today has me just feeling defeated and  as I sit and basically bemoan my life, I am reminded of the boys' memory verse for the letter D--Do everything without complaining and disputing...(or con-sputing as they normally say!)  So, here is my list from yesterday and they are all still true today.

I am thankful for these little moments from the day:

the sweet laughter of the boys as they chased bubbles around the backyardthe cool nice evening and eating dinner on the front porch…

Spelling champion

Today, we went to Walmart and managed to snag a close parking spot right next to the handicap parking spots and Xavier was jumping out of the van and looking down at the markings on the ground and it was a special spot reserved for vans and he said, "V-A-N....[then, while jumping out and making a very grand gesture with his arms]....parking!!"  It completely cracked me up.

This is the short list of things in our house that have broken in the last week:

my laptopour washing machine's pump went outour coffee potAs Micah said, when it rains, it pours.  We got the washing machine fixed yesterday and the repair man gave me some tips about how to keep it from getting messed up again...apparently, I need to check pockets.  There was all kinds of change and two AA batteries that had completely blown out the motor.  I never put stuff in my pockets and so I honestly never really think of it, but I guess that I will most certainly be thinking of it from now on.  I don't know wha…

What a week

So, since my last post--you know the one where my life seemed to be coming to an end b/c I was fed up with my children?--well, it is has been an insanely busy week.  I kept meaning to get back to the computer to first of all say that I was indeed still alive and that the boys had not gotten the best of me, but it ended up being a pretty action packed week.

First, although the boys and I continued our battle of the wills throughout the week, we managed to finish it  in a much better place than we started.  They are good boys, but they are boys and they are just learning what buttons to push and so I need to begin to learn how to handle it when they push my buttons.  Micah had his last exam on Thursday before finals begin in two weeks and so he was able to come home Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and we just spent time together with the boys, putting them to bed together, playing, laughing, and I know that that was a huge help in our ending the week well.

Sad news from this week i…

Put a fork in me...

....I was SO done today.  Done with being a mom, done with being what feels like a single mom (although I am quick to recognize that I am far from that!), done with being frustrated with my boys, done with it all.  The boys just seem like they wake up going 500 miles an hour, zipping around our house, jumping all over me, all over each other, on the couch, off the couch, bouncing from one room to another, and it was ROUGH this morning.  I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon with my surgeon and needed Micah to watch the boys, so I decided to take lunch to Micah and then the boys and I could kill some time in town before leaving them with him.  (side note: this was just a regular six month appointment with my surgeon, all was so good that she is upgrading me to just once a year!!)  So, we got ourselves together and left the house and had to stop by Walmart to pick up some essentials--toilet paper and toothpaste--and seriously, walking through even the small Neighborhood Market…


It has been a good day...we had two special guests at church this morning who both were a blessing.  The first was a guest band and singer Michael Boggs who led the worship using songs that were familiar and also shared some of his own music.    The other guests were Kerwin and Vicki Dees--Vicki was diagnosed two years ago with small cell lung cancer and was basically given 1-3 months to live.  She has obviously survived longer than that and has enjoyed some time with her cancer in remission, although she is currently battling new tumors.  My heart has been pretty full today and overwhelmed as we sat and listened to both she and her husband share of their journey.  While I can't identify on every level with what she is dealing with, there are definitely moments that I do and much of what she said really resonated in my own heart.  And as hard as it is for both Micah and I to sit and listen to stories of battles with cancer, I was reminded over and over of what a great God that we …

Catching Up

I have written many blog posts in my head this week, many of which obviously never made it to the actual blog.  It hasn't been a bad week, just a bit crazy, and made even crazier by getting some sort of little bug that knocked me off of my feet for Thursday night, all day Friday, and although I have felt much better today, I have stayed pretty low key today.

The boys and I have most certainly had our moments this week.  They have just been exceptionally whiny/disobedient/frustrating and I in return have been exceptionally short-tempered/impatient/frustrated.  When you put all of those 'exceptionallies' together--it isn't all that pretty and we have definitely endured those moments this week.  On top of it all, they apparently didn't get the memo that I was sick and were jumping and playing and yelling and being their normal boisterous selves yesterday.  Thankfully, Micah was able to come home a little earlier than planned and played outside with them some, fed the…

Resurrection Eggs

So, when we picked the boys up from church after the service on Sunday, they were each given this egg carton and a little 'book' that went along with it called Resurrection Eggs.  To be honest, I was thinking that this is just one more thing for me to deal with.  They haven't even started school yet, but the amount of papers and crafts, well, it is just overwhelming...  Anyway, so with all the festivities of Sunday we didn't really get around to looking at them, but yesterday morning, they spied them on the counter and wanted to play with them, so I sat down with them and started looking at the book and what do you know, but they completely knew what every little thing in the eggs was.  And as soon as they went through the story for me, I knew that I wanted them to repeat it for Micah last night and I managed to video it.  It is a little long, but I figured that my family would probably sit through it.  I was never able to find out if they have talked about it more tha…

Some layouts


happy easter

We have just gotten home from Micah's parents house where we went after church this morning and I am completely wiped out.  I helped out with the hospitality team at church and so was there from about 8:15-noonish.  Then, we immediately headed out to his parents where we enjoyed a fabulously yummy meal and watched as the boys and their cousin enjoyed a massive egg hunt--when your four year old has to have a new bag because the one he is carrying is too heavy, I am thinking that there are way too many eggs to hunt!  The boys played and played and played outside and we have just gotten home and are crashing.

Here are a few pictures from our day.  I have to say that my boys look pretty sweet in their little Easter outfits--I am quite proud of my handsome men!

It was a really great was wonderful to spend time with family and most of all to celebrate the truth of the resurrection of our Lord. He is alive and we have much to celebrate!