Catching Up

I have written many blog posts in my head this week, many of which obviously never made it to the actual blog.  It hasn't been a bad week, just a bit crazy, and made even crazier by getting some sort of little bug that knocked me off of my feet for Thursday night, all day Friday, and although I have felt much better today, I have stayed pretty low key today.

The boys and I have most certainly had our moments this week.  They have just been exceptionally whiny/disobedient/frustrating and I in return have been exceptionally short-tempered/impatient/frustrated.  When you put all of those 'exceptionallies' together--it isn't all that pretty and we have definitely endured those moments this week.  On top of it all, they apparently didn't get the memo that I was sick and were jumping and playing and yelling and being their normal boisterous selves yesterday.  Thankfully, Micah was able to come home a little earlier than planned and played outside with them some, fed them dinner, and got them to bed.

One of my more tedious jobs recently has been imaging several boxes of documents.  It isn't hard work, it just takes time.  Fortunately, I do have a good scanner that I can simply a stack of documents in and it will pull them through, if I had to do it one page at a time, I really think I would be in a home by now.  So, in between loading documents and naming files, I have been going back into my old blog program from when I was in treatment and copying it into a Word document.  I haven't taken the time yet to go back through and actually read it, mostly because I am just not sure that I am ready to open that 'emotional box', but as I would somewhat skim and catch a bit here and there, I was reminded of just how grateful I was for the blog back then and how it was such an encouragement to us as we were able to share prayer requests and have people leave comments.  And then, there are just so many prayer requests that we have seen answers to prayer for.   And I know that when I do find the emotional strength to go back in and read it all, I know that I will again be reminded of so many things that I had forgotten about, but that God has so faithfully provided for us.

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Obviously, my week wasn't so bad that it was without scrapping.  Although, in my defense, two of these layouts happened through a bout of insomnia and one of them literally was done in the middle of the night and may just be my favorite one of the bunch!


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