Friday Night

At the beginning of last week,  we had an email in our inbox advertising an event that was happening last night for Komen.  It was Professional Bull Riding.  They said that they had 25 pairs of tickets reserved for breast cancer survivors.  If you were interested, send an email.  I sent an email. I got tickets.  That is pretty much how that happened.  

I had planned to drag Micah knowing that that it would literally be dragging him and that he would have little to no interest in going, but that I was also due for a night out and how can you beat free tickets to professional bull riding?  Instead, I ended up asking one of his classmates that I have gotten to be friends with and Micah watched the boys. 

 I am not current on the whole bull riding circuit, but apparently these 40 or so cowboys do this like every weekend, traveling to different cities, attempting to stay on a bucking bull for 8 seconds and not get killed.  My friend Kari and I had gone to one of these in Nashville during college and I have fond memories of it being very entertaining, so I was completely game to go again.  Natalie and I had dinner at this restaurant in Tulsa and it was so yummy.  It was the first time either of us had been there and we will definitely be returning.  Then, we headed down to the SpiritBank Event Center where this event was happening.  Let's suffice it to say that Natalie and I were a little bit out of our league and neither one of us were quite dressed for the event since we don't own cowboy boots, cowboy hats, or belt buckles.  But despite these obvious shortcomings, we managed to enjoy ourselves quite a bit.  

They had this bull out in the lobby and for $15 you could sit on it and get your picture.  We decided that it was a bit more economical to simply touch it and snap our own picture.

There were fireworks to start the whole deal off and they introduced each and every one of the cowboys.  They came from all over and I don't know how old the oldest one was, but there was one kid that was still in high school.  After they introduced everyone, they asked everyone to stand up and said a prayer and sang the National Anthem.

And then the competition began.....and let me just warn you that I am obviously not a pro photographer of professional bull riding competitions.  There are quite a few that are blurry, b/c they go pretty fast and I didn't use my flash...(mostly because I am very anti-flash right now, but that is a completely different topic!)
If you notice in this shot, the bull has only ONE hoof on the ground.
In this one, there are ZERO hooves on the ground....
And in this one, yes, that would be the cowboy literally flying off of the bull's back!  Natalie and I decided that our children would never be allowed to do this.  It was quite terrifying watching it and I am pretty sure that we squealed and screamed (in very high pitched voices) through every single ride of the night.
This is a picture of us where the whole "anti-flash" thing I have going completely worked against me!
I just thought it was kind of cool how they all came out and sat on the gates and watched everyone else ride after they did.  Of course, I probably should reword that to say that they all came out to watch everyone else attempt  to ride after they had also made that attempt and failed.  Because there were only 5 riders who stayed on the whole 8 seconds and the average ride was about 3 seconds.  Fortunately, it didn't seem that anyone was hurt, but it was seriously touch and go and some of them.  All in all, it was great fun and I think we both enjoyed a little night out with lots of laughs!


Monica said…
I've only been to one rodeo, and it was nothing compared to the scope of that!
My favorite was the bull riding for the 3-5 year olds...their bulls were male sheep, but they had just as hard a time staying on!
Glad you had a friend who would enjoy it go with you!
Melissa said…
That's too funny! Glad you had a good time!
(And by the way, you needed to up your shutter speed to probably 1,000 to capture the motion :) My friendly tip for the day.)
Amy said…
I've never been to a rodeo but it looks like so much fun! I'm so glad you got to go and have a girls night. I know you needed it!
Fun! I don't own cowboy boots or anything either but that looks like something fun/different. I'm glad you had a night out with a friend!
Annette said…
Levi loves bullriding! If you'd like to watch bull riding videos with him I know he'd be game.
listgirl said…
It looked like fun Becky! I actually like the photos that show motion like that, it gives an idea how unstable the bulls were, for sure!

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