happy easter

We have just gotten home from Micah's parents house where we went after church this morning and I am completely wiped out.  I helped out with the hospitality team at church and so was there from about 8:15-noonish.  Then, we immediately headed out to his parents where we enjoyed a fabulously yummy meal and watched as the boys and their cousin enjoyed a massive egg hunt--when your four year old has to have a new bag because the one he is carrying is too heavy, I am thinking that there are way too many eggs to hunt!  The boys played and played and played outside and we have just gotten home and are crashing.

Here are a few pictures from our day.  I have to say that my boys look pretty sweet in their little Easter outfits--I am quite proud of my handsome men!

Coercing a brotherly picture :)

with their cousin!

Xavier hunting eggs

William with the extra heavy bag of Easter eggs

the med students discussing something to do with class, I am sure

the boys with their Pa-Pa

grandsons with the grandparents--I think they might be a bit proud!

Xavier riding his ATV

having a race!

cousin Quentin

family picture

It was a really great day....it was wonderful to spend time with family and most of all to celebrate the truth of the resurrection of our Lord. He is alive and we have much to celebrate!


LaCombe said…
Becky, you look Fabulous!!! Great family pic and great pics of the boys! So Very Blessed!
renee82 said…
Awesome family pics, Becky! Looks like you guys had fun and seriously think you look great, my dear friend! :)
listgirl said…
You caught some great photos Becky! That one of William with the huge bag of Easter eggs was hilarious. So uplifting to see such awesome family bonding time.
Anonymous said…
Becky, great pictures! We had a good day, too.
And that big bag of eggs, wow!!
Grandma and Grandpa E.

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