Incredible Hulk

I think Xavier might be a songwriter--this is completely new material, he didn't learn it anywhere and he does his own choreography (or'crashing' of his feet as he called it).


Amy said…
Oh. My. Word. If you could bottle that energy, you'd be a millionaire! On the other hand, maybe Xavier will be a famous songwriter and take care of his Mama, if she still has any sanity left by then!
joelsgirl said…
He made that up? Get out. Oh, what joy awaits me when I can finally sit and listen to ALL of the Derby videos I've been missing out on. What a blessing for my night that my Internet loaded long enough for me to get that Incredible Hulk song stuck in my mind. Thanks for the laugh. :)
Melissa said…
Just one question. How do you stay sane? LOL

Love the crashing of feet.
Brian Lewis said…
Hmmm...setting up a little statue and singing songs of praise to it...isn't that idol worship? LOL!
Monica said…
Incredible. :)

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