Put a fork in me...

....I was SO done today.  Done with being a mom, done with being what feels like a single mom (although I am quick to recognize that I am far from that!), done with being frustrated with my boys, done with it all.  The boys just seem like they wake up going 500 miles an hour, zipping around our house, jumping all over me, all over each other, on the couch, off the couch, bouncing from one room to another, and it was ROUGH this morning.  I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon with my surgeon and needed Micah to watch the boys, so I decided to take lunch to Micah and then the boys and I could kill some time in town before leaving them with him.  (side note: this was just a regular six month appointment with my surgeon, all was so good that she is upgrading me to just once a year!!)  So, we got ourselves together and left the house and had to stop by Walmart to pick up some essentials--toilet paper and toothpaste--and seriously, walking through even the small Neighborhood Market Walmart with the boys wanting to run, to help, to talk in their abnormally loud voices--it just never stops.   So, then, we go have lunch with Micah, had lots of fun, charmed all of his classmates, and got some candid pictures for the year book.  We had a little bit of time before my appointment, so the boys and I went to a park where I tried to coerce them into some pictures and they spent some time swinging and going on an adventure (i.e. looking for squirrels).  My appointment ended up taking quite a bit longer than I expected, but I needed to run by the grocery store on the way home.  And honestly, I probably should have listened that inner voice that was saying, 'you really don't want to do this today!'  But, oh no, not me, I was going to the store.  And the boys NEVER stopped talking or moving the entire time.  I could go into a really dramatic retelling with all the details that I regaled Micah with earlier, but let's just say it ended with a sweet older man helping me out to the car with my groceries and patting me on the arm, saying "Good luck, sweetie!"  Is a story really necessary after that?

the flowers and colors were beautiful at the park today, but I am not a nature photographer....
We ended up eating dinner outside on our porch and laughing and talking and eating strawberries.  I pulled out the camera and started taking a few pictures and what do you know, but all that frustration just started melting away, because seriously, how can you stay too upset at this face?

Or at this one so sweetly eating his strawberries?

I will say that I am thankful the day is over and a hoping that tomorrow is not a repeat! 


joelsgirl said…
Sorry your day was the pits. I hate those days, but mine are usually my own fault for ignoring my children while I piddle away my life on the computer. Sounds like yours was the pits because you made the mistake of taking your children out of the house; silly girl. ;) I'm glad it ended on a happy note, though. Those are some cute boys you have...I mean, I think you showed a picture of each of them, right? I haven't watched hte videos yet, so I have a hard time telling them apart.
Anonymous said…
Whew! How many hours in a day do you have out in your town!!!
And you even got some good pics!
About the nature one, I'd buy it, even if you wasn't pleased with it.
Spring is great!Love ya'
Grandma E
Amy said…
So sorry you had such a hard day. Hope today is much better! Love and miss you!!!
Monica said…
I wish y'all lived near us so I could watch the boys for you while you ran errands! I remember trips to the grocery store with my Mom. The four of us almost always made it fun and almost always got in trouble. After reading your blog (and laughing), I realize trips to the grocery store were probably a nightmare for my Mom! And congratulations to the yearly checkup upgrade!!
LaCombe said…
They are very Sweet faces, and sounds like all Boys!!! Hope you had a better day today, and they will out grow it by the time they are 18 or so, HA! Blessings and Love to you! You are a Great Mom and Wife! Love ya, Kathy

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