Resurrection Eggs

So, when we picked the boys up from church after the service on Sunday, they were each given this egg carton and a little 'book' that went along with it called Resurrection Eggs.  To be honest, I was thinking that this is just one more thing for me to deal with.  They haven't even started school yet, but the amount of papers and crafts, well, it is just overwhelming...  Anyway, so with all the festivities of Sunday we didn't really get around to looking at them, but yesterday morning, they spied them on the counter and wanted to play with them, so I sat down with them and started looking at the book and what do you know, but they completely knew what every little thing in the eggs was.  And as soon as they went through the story for me, I knew that I wanted them to repeat it for Micah last night and I managed to video it.  It is a little long, but I figured that my family would probably sit through it.  I was never able to find out if they have talked about it more than one week or if they learned about it just on Sunday, but it is pretty sweet and if they learned it all on Sunday, then I think we may have some boy geniuses on our hands.

After watching it, a few observations:

  • could my voice be any more annoying?
  • I think there might be a bit of competition between the two.
  • all in all, pretty sweet! :)


I can't wait to watch the video...Our neighbor just gave us the book for Easter for the kids. I look forward to reading it to the kids and doing the eggs too next year!

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