Spelling champion

Today, we went to Walmart and managed to snag a close parking spot right next to the handicap parking spots and Xavier was jumping out of the van and looking down at the markings on the ground and it was a special spot reserved for vans and he said, "V-A-N....[then, while jumping out and making a very grand gesture with his arms]....parking!!"  It completely cracked me up.

This is the short list of things in our house that have broken in the last week:

  • my laptop
  • our washing machine's pump went out
  • our coffee pot
As Micah said, when it rains, it pours.  We got the washing machine fixed yesterday and the repair man gave me some tips about how to keep it from getting messed up again...apparently, I need to check pockets.  There was all kinds of change and two AA batteries that had completely blown out the motor.  I never put stuff in my pockets and so I honestly never really think of it, but I guess that I will most certainly be thinking of it from now on.  I don't know what the deal is with our coffee pot, it just is refusing to come on.  So, we have simply been using our French Press which we are both pretty happy with right now.

The boys have just gone down for a nap and while I probably ought to be doing something more productive, I have french pressed myself a cup of coffee and am going to sit down with a book for at least a few minutes.

I did want to post a couple of pages that I have finished recently though.


Melissa said…
Well, you are definitely not having good luck with appliances!
LaCombe said…
You always amaze me and Bless me everyday I read your blog! You are a Blessing in my life that God put there for a reason and you always make me realalize just how Blessed I am everyday! Thank You! Love ya! Kathy
Anonymous said…
Good thing you have a backup for making coffee...you wouldn't be able to deal with the other stuff! I remember that day and the look on your face, the scarf around your head and playing ring around the rosie--God is good. Love you! Mom

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