It has been a good day...we had two special guests at church this morning who both were a blessing.  The first was a guest band and singer Michael Boggs who led the worship using songs that were familiar and also shared some of his own music.    The other guests were Kerwin and Vicki Dees--Vicki was diagnosed two years ago with small cell lung cancer and was basically given 1-3 months to live.  She has obviously survived longer than that and has enjoyed some time with her cancer in remission, although she is currently battling new tumors.  My heart has been pretty full today and overwhelmed as we sat and listened to both she and her husband share of their journey.  While I can't identify on every level with what she is dealing with, there are definitely moments that I do and much of what she said really resonated in my own heart.  And as hard as it is for both Micah and I to sit and listen to stories of battles with cancer, I was reminded over and over of what a great God that we serve.  Vicki shared this morning of how she came to know the Lord as a young girl and she has always believed that God was good, that He loved her, that He was faithful, and yet, as she has faced cancer (over and over again) these last two years, she has realized even more just how deeply the Father loves her, just how faithful He is, just how good He is.  As I sat with tears rolling down my cheeks, I couldn't help but nod my head in full agreement.  As I spoke with her afterwards, we talked about how horrible cancer is and yet, how we could thank God for its impact on our lives.  Both she and her husband were  so encouraging and inspirational as they shared both serious and at times humorous moments from their journey and it was wonderful to hear how they just keep going back and finding their strength in the Lord, how this has given them more opportunities to share about God and His goodness. They both radiated joy and confidence and strength in the Lord.  They are living life well and it is without a doubt glorifying our Father.

So, I have spent the last little bit searching online for lyrics to some songs that Michael Boggs sang today, but haven't had much luck, so I am just going to have to go from memory.  The last song that he sang started out with words about how "there have been times when the mountains weren't moved like I thought they would have been, the rivers didn't part like I thought they should have..." along those lines and then the chorus said, "in the healing, in the breaking, He is faithful, He is faithful."  It was such a powerful song especially coming on the heels of the testimony of the Dees and I am now berating myself for not taking time to stop by the welcome desk to see if it is on an album, since apparently everything can not be found on the internet!

Changing subjects a bit....I did this layout yesterday and it just might be one of my favorite ones at the moment.  The boys helped me "color" the little doodled dinosaur papers on it which they thought was great fun.


Monica said…
:) I love that dinosaur picture (and the layout!). At my last job, one of the secretaries had to bring her son in one day (he was about 8), and he was sitting in between our cubicles. I kept hearing these strange sounds, so I poked my head around the divider, and he had about 15-20 transformers lined up on the edge of the desk and was blasting them off with a pencil one by one. It just made me laugh!
listgirl said…
I've been loving your layouts, they are so heartwarming and awesome!

Sometimes I feel like I'm not a "good" Christian, because I'm easily discouraged, and I still don't understand a lot of hard things. Or maybe in my mind I understand them, but not in my heart. I have trouble reconciling with an all-powerful God and an all-good God. That's probably my biggest struggle.

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