Thankful Thursday ....or Friday

To be honest, I am not feeling very thankful at the moment. It has been one of those weeks with what feels like many days like this one.  So, I decided that since I was kind of writing this post in my head all day yesterday with the grand plans to actually write it after the boys went to bed, but those plans were derailed by a not very pretty scene with the boys that involved a bit of yelling on my part, constant wiggling and running around on their part and ending with tears of frustration on my part.  Then, today has me just feeling defeated and  as I sit and basically bemoan my life, I am reminded of the boys' memory verse for the letter D--Do everything without complaining and disputing...(or con-sputing as they normally say!)  So, here is my list from yesterday and they are all still true today.

I am thankful for these little moments from the day:

  • the sweet laughter of the boys as they chased bubbles around the backyard
  • the cool nice evening and eating dinner on the front porch with the boys
  • meeting Micah at school for lunch... enjoying the beautiful day...visiting with his friends who all are enamored with the doesn't hurt that they all leave no doubt in my mind as to how much Micah talks us all up to all of them...and talking about cooking classes this summer
Wednesday night, I attended a special prayer meeting for the daughter and sister of some friends from our previous church.  Sharon was diagnosed with breast cancer not long after I had started my first Bible study there about a year and a half ago and we have been praying for her since then.  She is a young woman who has valiantly fought this disease, yet she has faced setback after setback.  It hasn't all been bad news, we have seen God answer many many prayers on her behalf, yet her most recent scans have been very discouraging showing that the cancer is spreading despite extensive chemo and treatment.  The doctors have recently started her on a new different chemo that at one point was described to them as their last chance at fighting it.  So, there was a special prayer service for her at her church about 45 minutes from here.  I went, knowing that it would bring many emotions and it did.  I am not going to go into all of those at the moment because I just don't have it in me.  But, I will say this, Micah asked me how Sharon looked and I replied, "she looked radiant..."  Seriously, she looked beautiful, calm, at peace, alive, and she radiated the confidence that she has in the Lord.  There were many many tears as we collectively called on the Lord to be glorified and specifically to heal her of this awful disease.  Yesterday  as I was going about my day, I thought often of her and that prayer meeting.  Many people were quoting Scriptures of how the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is the same power that is at work in our lives, and I just thought that THIS is what I am thankful for today. I am thankful that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, that healed the innumerable sick and ailing during Jesus' earthly ministry, that parted the Red Sea, that performed miracle after miracle...that same power is able to rid Sharon's body of cancer.  And in the same breath/thought, I was reminded even if Sharon's body does not recover from this disease, that it will be that same power that will bring peace to her family, that will mercifully and graciously wrap His arms around her husband, that will be present in each person's life as they mourn and question and wonder why it had to happen, it is that same power that welcomes Sharon into the Lord's presence in a new body.  And that, my friends, is what I am thankful for today.  That I know that I know that I know that I know that I know that He is here, He is not silent, He has not changed from days of old, and no matter what happens, He will not change. 

And when I think on these things, I am thankful Thursday, Friday, whichever day it happens to fall on.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for continually emphasizing God's faithfulness. It is precious to know that He is here, that He is not silent and He has not changed. I have tears in my eyes as I contemplate the KNOWING. Love, Mom
Monica said…
The knowing midst all the unknowns...thanks for this reminder today!
Tia said…
Hang in there Becky. You are in my prayers tonight!
joelsgirl said…
You are really way more amazing than you realize. Sometimes kids NEED to be yelled at. :)
A great reminder for all of us. Parenting is hard and some days are harder than others. Don't be too hard on yourself. Praying for you.
Amy said…
I'm praying for you, Becky, and I MISS you, sweet friend! I think it's time for me to plan another trip to OK!!!
listgirl said…
I am behind in my blog reading...
This was such a powerful post. It is so great to be reminded about being thankful even on days when it's tough. there's always something to be thankful to God for.

April 1st was the one year anniversary of when my friend Barbara went to be with the Lord. She battled breast cancer for over two years. I miss her.

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