Tulsa Air Show

Last week, Micah's dad asked if the boys would like to go to the Tulsa Air Show that was happening on Saturday.  Although they had never been to an air show, I was pretty certain that they would enjoy it. It also worked out well for me since I had a baby shower to attend.  The plan was for me to join them in the afternoon, with Micah studying all day long--finals are almost upon him, so he is in all study, all the time mode!

By the time I got there, I ended up having to walk about  3/4 mile after parking, which wouldn't have been so bad had I not worn my "comfortable, yet cute, but not made for walking 3/4 mile" shoes.  So, I am sporting a few blisters today.  I think that most of the fun show stuff had already happened by the time I arrived, but I managed to get some sweet pics of the boys with their cousin.  They just love playing together, he is a year older than they are and they always have a great time playing together.  I also think they may have been a bit "over" the air show about 5 hours into it.  They had a little patch of grass where they were doing lots of playing ring around the rosy, duck duck goose, and laughing and wrestling!

air show


Anonymous said…
Those boys are growing!! Sure makes me want to get my hands on them and give them hugs.
Melissa said…
All three boys look like they are having a blast! You did a good job with the pictures!

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